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  • Address:4301 Kalamazoo Ave SE # 7, Grand Rapids
  • Phone:(616) 281-8151

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Christy Down the Block: 05/03/2017 16:53

Great place to shop for your international foods you cant find anywhere else, I buy here weekly for lamb and other halal meats that you cant find at the corner grocery store. There is a huge selection of olives and oils and a great deli if you feel like exploring new tastes!

Naji's: 04/21/2017 18:10

Mediterranean island great physical aesthetic inside and out of the structure, easily accessible aisles that are clean and organized, and a wonderful diverse staff ready to help with any questions or concerns. As the name of the store implies you will find fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and baked goods, along with several other basic food items. I highly recommend this lovely neighborhood grocery store

Jama Ceesay: 03/05/2017 18:46

That cashier NANA or whatever her name is she never greet people n be looking at them like fools.. I mean you don't talk to people if Yu don't want to but then again if you doing customer severice job you gat to be friendly, talk, smile n greet your customers when they walk inside. Only the other old lady is nice n be asking people how they doing. But that NANA didn't even greet me when she was checking me out she just snactched my busket n was like " I gat it " I just felt like walking out but that gat be upset and she's making me not even wana come there. Need to check on her attitude I don't if it's only me she is doing that or everyone else but that's my experience. Glad it's not the only Arabic store smh...

Ryan VanderMeer: 02/10/2017 00:51

Fresh breads--pita, injera, Iraqi flatbread, etc. Amazing deli counter with all sorts of ready to eat goodies. And some sort of warm meat pies at lunch time?!?! And groceries, of course.

Brodus: 10/04/2016 02:08

Love this place. Very weird unique grocer. Every time I go, I buy 2 things I've never seen or used before, then come up with some bizarre tasty mediteranean dish. Only place in GR that I'm aware of with fresh lamb. Owner and the girls answer all my crazy question, and show me new stuff. Really enjoy shopping there. And their prices are very reasonable or less expensive than other shops. Lots of weird kinky spices. Do yourself a "flavor"....