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A Google User: 07/05/2016 18:16

I like family fare but this one has very unprofessional employees and despite there always being about 6 people wandering around doing nothing there is never anyone at the customer service desk.

Betty Royale: 07/19/2015 02:50

This is the local food source for a large portion of the North side. Every time I buy poultry (specifically chicken) it smells rotten. EVERY TIME!!!!!!! I think this is pathetic that we as customers, are given this rancid food. I want to support the local chain but this has been going on for years now. Every so often I come back and try to see if they have improved, they haven't. They don't even make a effort. They store is falling apart and all they do is update the space where you buy cigarettes

Joshua S.: 07/02/2015 03:47

Twice now, I've asked for help from some little mouth-breather named Daren or something similar and both times he's just given me a slack-jaw look and said "Uhhh... I dunno... I can't do anything." and then refused to seek help. I'm guessing it doesn't even take a GED to get hired here, based on that little tool's apparent IQ.

Ryan Bekins: 01/22/2011 07:49

good selection, nice people

A Google User: 06/27/2010 19:00

there is always a long wait to check out. always!