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Supermarkets in Salem, Massachusetts
1. Milk & Honey Green Grocer
Address: 32 Church St, Salem
Work: 08:00-19:30
2. Market Basket
Address: 227 Highland Ave, Salem
Work: 07:00-21:00
3. Crosby's Marketplace
Address: 125 Canal St, Salem
Work: 07:00-21:00
4. Salem 7 Food Store
Address: 126 North St, Salem
5. Walmart Garden Center
Address: 450 Highland Ave, Salem
6. Ye Olde Pepper Company
Address: 122 Derby St, Salem
Work: 11:00-17:00
7. Walmart
Address: 450 Highland Ave, Salem
Work: 07:00-22:00
8. Shaw's
Address: 11 Traders Way, Salem
Work: 07:00-23:00
9. We Dream in Colour LLC
Address: 27 Congress St, Salem
10. Los Amigos Supermarket
Address: 122 Lafayette St, Salem
11. Congress Market
Address: 95 Congress St, Salem

Best comments in Salem,MA

  • Milk & Honey Green Grocer

    Great store with hi-quality items

    32 Church St, Salem
  • Milk & Honey Green Grocer

    Great healthy, natural food and right in the middle of Downtown Salem!

    32 Church St, Salem
  • Milk & Honey Green Grocer

    A fabulous little grocery with so many delicious and nature-friendly foods. You can also get fresh food such as sandwiches and snacks.

    32 Church St, Salem
  • Milk & Honey Green Grocer

    awesome smiling social staff. food is excellent. prices are expensive but usual for a place of this size. but premade food is a great price. and i have yet to find something i didnt love. i highly recommend the spinach feta squares by the cash regist...

    32 Church St, Salem
  • Milk & Honey Green Grocer

    If you want a taste of some local and unique foods, this is the boutique grocery store for you! It also has some fantastic prepared foods available daily.

    32 Church St, Salem
  • Market Basket

    The place is always backed on the weekends and there is never enough room near the register lines. Employee are not able to be found if you have a question or concern. Fend for yourself and good luck in the madness.

    227 Highland Ave, Salem