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Supermarkets in Ludlow, Massachusetts
1. Ludlow Central Bakery
Address: 270 East St, Ludlow
Work: 05:00-19:00
2. Our Town Variety
Address: 259 Fuller St, Ludlow
3. Randall's Farm
Address: 631 Center St, Ludlow
Work: 07:00-19:00
4. Big Y
Address: 433 Center St #3, Ludlow
Work: 07:00-22:00
5. Big Y Pharmacy
Address: 433 Center St, Ludlow
Work: 09:00-17:00

Best comments in Ludlow,MA

  • Randall's Farm

    What a great place! As long as weve been visiting our family in Ludlow, there have been two staples: Randall's and Chmura's.

    631 Center St, Ludlow
  • Randall's Farm

    Great deli and salads, as well as there fresh vegetables, fruits and love the bakery item's. Can't go wrong worth the drive.

    631 Center St, Ludlow
  • Randall's Farm

    I usually come here for the fresh cider doughnuts and fresh made grinders. Always happy helpfull friendly employees.

    631 Center St, Ludlow
  • Randall's Farm

    I go there for our fresh vegetables and on occasion grab a delicious sandwich from their deli. Nice plants and flowers in the spring and summer.

    631 Center St, Ludlow
  • Randall's Farm

    The majority of my experiences at Randall's have been good, but my latest left me very disappointed. Last fall I tagged two apple trees that I intended to pick up two days later after my truck would be returned to me from my mechanic. When I went t...

    631 Center St, Ludlow
  • Big Y

    All Big York stores have great personnel who are helpful and who will usually walk you right to the product you're looking for but can't find.

    433 Center St #3, Ludlow