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  • Address:8375 E 96th St, Indianapolis
  • Phone:(317) 585-2400
  • Address:5325 E Southport Rd, Indianapolis
  • Phone:(317) 859-2200
  • Address:5550 N Keystone Ave, Indianapolis
  • Phone:(317) 610-2200
  • Address:11351 E Washington St, Indianapolis
  • Phone:(317) 894-6700

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Justin Chow: 04/30/2017 18:00

After the recent remodel, this Meijer has become a much more pleasant place to shop in. Sales are usually good and mPerks have been simplified - you save $2 per $100. There even a few specialty grocery items in stock such as Mexican Coke. However, the produce still isn't up to par with other stores.

Darrin Gowan: 04/18/2017 21:13

Meijer is my go-to grocery. It's the store whose sales and weekly ads I follow and whose frequent shopper coupon app I use. Though I own and use both Kroger and Marsh shopper cards, (and am often surprised by the wonderful value I find there), Meijer always offers their regular store sales to all comers.

King Rezzen: 04/11/2017 07:59

Its like Walmart, If Walmart gave a care about it's customers. Meijer is a clean store with helpful people that can always point you in the right direction. At the end of the day this is a great place to shop get in get out get on your way

Chris Knight: 04/09/2017 19:07

Always lines at register. Aside from that it is clean and free cookies from bakery to help with the kiddos. Always better than a Walmart option.

Susan Fletcher: 03/29/2017 21:49

The employees are very nice and helpful. The store is always well stocked and very clean! Always have great meat prices!

Shawn Henn: 03/29/2017 17:57

Great Service; do wish the that all self checkouts worked at all times. Also could use more cashiers on the heavier days. But still a great store.

TimAndLaurie Callahan: 03/22/2017 20:39

Nice grocery store. Meijer has almost everything we need. We can also charge our car at Staples next door.

Vincent Morretino: 03/21/2017 21:48

I must have visited the grocery area after a large run on products happened, because there were a lot of empty shelves/bins in the produce, meat and dairy sections. The staff working the deli counter were very pleasant, but no samples were offered when I asked for a pound of ham and a pound of cheese. My 3-year old was disappointed, but I didn't want to press the issue. It is unusual to not be offered a sample slice of something that you are getting from the deli section. I know what ham and most cheeses taste like, and I only ask for a sample if I'm considering something new. The store overall is nice but the layout is different than pretty much every other Meijer I have been in, which was more than a bit disorientating.

Anonymous: 03/19/2017 14:47

This location is pretty nice. Store is clean. It's easy to find whatever you want. The store size is huge. It's very convenient, especially seeing the local Marsh was shut down

Anne Rector: 03/18/2017 05:22

There must not be any security personnel in this store. Several full-time employees have told me that the store is experiencing a great deal of theft. One man walked out of the store with a $250. vacuum cleaner! Just walked out with it. A couple of mid=level managers tried to follow the thief, but he got away. The employee at the photo center said that one customer had over $80. in photos and she took them all out of the envelopes and put them in her purse, left the empty envelopes in her cart and walked out of the store! Doesn't anybody see all this? What can the security personnel, if there are any, be doing? Another clerk said that a male shopper stuffed his pockets with golf balls and ran out of the store! They told me that security is always following little old ladies around hoping to catch them stealing a can of cat food, and letting the major thieves get away with hundreds of dollars in merchandise!

Ryan Dorfmeyer: 03/17/2017 17:28

I live a couple doors down from this new location. Selection is decent and prices are competitive. I generally dislike shopping at big box retailers but the convenience of this location is undeniable. Higher quality than Wal-Mart. Better checkout lines too. Only complaint so far is that for the entire winter they haven't salted their parking lot. I've almost fallen in their parking lot on numerous occasions. This is very dangerous and a lawsuit waiting to happen. Other than that it's a perfectly reasonable choice.

Lisa Massey: 02/13/2017 07:08

The remodeling has been a major asset. Meat department is very good quality. The new layout for women clothing is much easier to navigate. Health & beauty are so much better now.

Ted Somerville: 01/19/2017 22:34

The Meijer staff is generally very helpful and communicative. I go there mainly to buy groceries. The selection is great and prices reasonable but sometimes the produce isn't so fresh. The pharmacy staff is quick and attentive. As for one-stop shops go, Meijer is pretty solid.

Theresa Cabrera: 01/19/2017 03:27

I do all my grocery shopping here except for quick trips. My only complaint is that their produce is not always the best. Walmart has better produce for more or less the same price. I don't regularly shop the the home goods, H & B, apparel but it is convenient to grab vitamins, cat treats, etc. while I'm there.

Ankit Goel: 11/15/2016 01:07

Great selection of products especially fresh veggies and fruits. They have their own kitchen as well where you can buy freshly made pizza, chicken and many more items. Since recent upgrade it looks great and well organized. Prices are decent. They carry good selection of whisky & wine so go check it out this Friday. :)