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  • Address:9800 Crosspoint Blvd, Indianapolis
  • Phone:(317) 594-2100

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Mary Wilkins: 04/03/2017 21:02

I had stopped in the Marsh at 86th & Ditch on 03/31/17 after visiting with friends. I have shopped in that store off and on since moving to Indianapolis in 1981. I usually go in the door close to the customer service desk. As I was walking by the customer service desk the customer service lady was giving an older lady a hard time and yelling at the older lady because the older lady had bought some grapes and was charged $4.99 per pound for them. The older lady had mixed some red grapes that were on sale for $1.28 per pound with some green grapes that were $4.99 per pound and she didn't understand why she got charged $4.99 per pound for the grapes and the older lady wanted the difference in price per pound returned to her and the customer service lady said she would have to credit her for the whole purchase and she would have to repurchase the red grapes which were on sale. The older lady was foreign and still didn't understand. I offered to pay for the older lady's grapes and the customer service lady was snarky and told me she would have to credit the lady's EBT card first and then yelled at me and another guy to stand to the other side of the customer service desk when we were rightfully standing where we should be standing. The customer service lady didn't want us to hear her rude treatment of the older lady. I was asked why I was in line and for the sake of it just told her I was in line to purchase a lottery ticket since I couldn't think of anything else at the time. The only reason why I was standing there was because I overheard the customer service lady yelling at the older lady and treating her bad. After the customer service lady credited the older lady's purchase I paid for the lottery ticket I didn't intend to buy and then took the older lady to the grape section and explained the prices and offered to pay for her purchase. The older lady said" Thanks my new friend, but I will buy the grapes myself." I then got my canned cat food and bananas and the lottery ticket which I didn't intend to buy and left the store. I left the store feeling like I accomplished nothing as I didn't get to help the older lady buy paying a blessing forward and I tried standing up for what was right for another person. I had another incident in the Carmel Marsh on 03/17/17 in the bakery department. It was my boss's birthday and we had purchased him a cake and then wanted to put some sort of golf cake topper on it. I called the store first and asked the bakery department manager if we could just buy the cake topper and they said yes. I went to the store on my lunch hour and walked back to the bakery department. I then told the lady behind the bakery counter that I had called and wanted to purchase a golf cake topper kit only and the bakery manager had said I could purchase it. The lady gave me a hard time and then dilly dallied around for a bit in the back of the bakery and asked the bakery manager again about my purchasing the golf cake topper kit and bakery manager told her I had called in earlier. The bakery manager then directed her to sell me the golf cake topper kit for $7.00 and the bakery lady made a hissing noise and dismissive gesture before she put the golf cake topper kit in a bag and marked it for $7.00. I should have went to Kroger because they carry the same thing, but Kroger is so busy that I just want to Marsh. Hopefully I will learn in the future. With poor customer service, no wonder every Marsh store seems to be going out of business. Don Marsh would have fired these people and made it right. So sad. I called the Marsh Grocery Headquarters and asked for the complaint department and was put on forever hold and no one picked up the phone so I decided to put my rant on here.

Sherry Goff: 02/10/2017 05:36

I shop a Marsh in Tipton and I hated but it is the only supermarket there.The shelves are always empty and the Ice Cream section is so frozen with ice that you can't hardly tell what kind it is.When you ask the cashiers if they have a certain Item they won't find out for you.They just tell you if it isn't on the shelf they probably don't have anymorer.Why don't they do something to make this a better store.Can't they update this store and get some new freezers.I will just start going to Elwood or go to Kroger.I have had it with this store

Abby Paden: 02/08/2017 21:50

I am a transgender woman, and today I purchased groceries at the Bloomington store. Everything was fine until I got to the register. I was behind a man who was looking back at me and talking to the cashier. I decided to look at her to see what was going on and I caught her looking at me and laughing. She stopped when she saw my eyes, apologized, then turned to the man laughing and said, "I got caught." Is this Marsh policy? Is it now okay, because Donal Trump is in office, to publicly display your hate and ignorance directly in front of the person you are mocking? Disgusting behavior. I suppose working there is way out of the question.

Kim Hollis: 01/14/2017 05:54

Fox and Oaklandon in Indy...Geist area. I have shopped this store for 25 years. Sadly, they have hit an all time low. I have become increasingly frustrated with the store, but continued to support the local. Now...I'm done. The management is atrocious, produce is less than fresh, meat selection is weak (at best), and I've had it. They have let every good employee go, including great managers. Guess what Marsh...The local Kroger and soon to open Meijer will eat your lunch. At this point, you are nothing more than a very large convenience store that I will go to when I have no choice. Not the outcome I wanted, but, Marsh, you chose it. And, by the way, you have the opportunity to fix the issue.

Patti Lacey: 10/23/2016 00:40

I think Marsh has had some of the worst management and policies in their stores where I was once a key performer.