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Bailee Mckelvey: 03/12/2017 00:41

I ordered a cake for our baby gender reveal party. We decided to do a Tutus or Ties theme with tutus and ties around the side of the cake. I had looked at one other place but the prices seemed more reasonable here. Hoenstly, I wish I had spent the extra $50. The ties were no where near symmetrical. They look like they were cut by a 10 year old. They took NO pride in making my cake. I was HIGHLY disappointed. Then less than 2 hours before the party one of the tutus on the side of the cake fell off!!! And the icing and everything on the side started crumbling and falling off. I picked the cake up the say of. I don't understand why it was falling apart 2 hours after I picked it up. I will NEVER get another cake from here and I would never recommend this to anyone. When it comes to cakes, they need to be made with attention to detail and an obvious amount of care put into it. I definitely didn't see that in my cake.

Rachael Kiarie: 07/09/2016 07:34

The cake was so beautiful .love u indy cakes

Caitlin McNab: 03/22/2016 17:53

I got married last weekend and the cake from this establishment was FANTASTIC. I had a white cake with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting. They were able to do color matching so that the frosting was in my wedding colors (metallic silver and dark blue). The cake was moist, the frosting was delicious, and the filling was mouth-watering! Meeting up for the cake tasting was quite fun. We were able to choose multiple cakes and fillings to try. The portfolio of designs was pretty extensive as well. I liked that they offer to do a kitchen cake to fill in servings, instead of requiring another layer on the cake, as it made it easier to hit our 100 serving mark without going over too much. Rates were quite reasonable, and I REALLY like that they'll make us a new top layer for our first anniversary, instead of me trying to keep it properly frozen for a year. They were very understanding when my cake topper was delivered late. They were very polite on the phone and were able to do the preparation with only the topper material and dimensions to work with.

Galaxy White: 07/21/2014 20:48

The staff at Indy Cakes were very nice and easy to work with. They were very patient with us while we decided on our wedding cake and cupcakes and the prices are fabulous. However once we paid them in full that is when our experience went down hill. Our cake topper was not properly displayed like we asked, our cupcakes were very dry like they had been made a week ahead of time and none of them had the filling in them like we had asked and paid for. When I called the day after our wedding and discussed this with the owner she had apologized and said she would send us a gift certificate as compensation. Well, it has been 2 months since I called and I have written them letters and I still haven't received the certificate. To me, it seems like they didn't care anymore once they were paid the entire amount. What a let down and disappointment on our wedding day.

Stephanny Hopkins: 06/30/2014 03:28

The cake was delicious and the staff was incredibly understanding with us. (We were planning the wedding from 3 states away so tastings and meeting up were tough) Cathy was a pleasure to work with and our only regret was not getting to say thank you to her in person or see her on the day of the wedding. Great cake! (Can't wait for the Bride and Groom cake a year later!) Adam and Steph