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  • Address:6060 Fort Caroline Rd, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 743-0251
  • Address:5647 Roosevelt Blvd, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 384-0711
  • Address:7921 Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 783-6901
  • Address:703 Chaffee Rd S, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 693-4404
  • Address:49 S Arlington Rd, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 721-3069
  • Address:12777 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 221-3062
  • Address:11701 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 886-1976
  • Address:1531 Monument Rd #14, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 646-0771
  • Address:8560 Argyle Forest Blvd, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 779-5000
  • Address:11380 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 996-0990
  • Address:11101 Old St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 260-0045
  • Address:5207 Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 786-5181
  • Address:4605 Chaffee Rd, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 783-5000
  • Address:7534 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 725-1225

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angel hammett: 05/03/2017 23:02

Great customer service and clean store good prices on sale items

Jill Ladd: 05/01/2017 17:39

It's okay. Only thing I will buy there are flowers/arrangements. Employee, Judi, very friendly and helpful. Would not visit after dark.

William Hatfield: 05/01/2017 17:07

It's a decent Winn dixie, it jumps between great service and okay service most of the time. Selection isn't super great but I'd say average. Will fulfil most shopping needs and all last minute items!

Devin Faulkner: 04/23/2017 06:58

One of the better Winn-Dixie's in the area. Store is kept well and staff is friendly.

Paul Bagby: 04/21/2017 21:44

Very Nice people working at this store. Colton was extremely kind and helpful.

John Smith: 04/15/2017 23:00

Item selection is limited. I've never been completely satisfied with anything purchased in the deli. Doesn't compare to Publix.

Robert Cannon: 04/14/2017 07:17

This store is close to my apartment, and the employees r helpful in giving directions as to what I want.

Terri Crawford: 04/09/2017 02:08

Great deli workers. Most cashiers are really nice. Store is clean and well stocked.

Stephen Stubbs: 04/04/2017 06:50

Was denied a money order because they closed in 10mins. Will never go to winn dixie again

Sandra Esquierdo: 03/26/2017 18:05

Great place to get in and out. We love getting the fried and grilled chicken here. Hot and Fresh and everyone is friendly!!! I love the sales on beef chicken and pork!!! Winn Dixie always tries to keep your business

Leon Kiser: 03/23/2017 04:16

Great store! Seriously, I've been shopping here for years and I have never had a bad experience. Maybe it's just luck or the very fact that the employees are very considerate of customer needs.

Ranesha Brown: 03/22/2017 15:55

I love my local grocery store and they haven't turned it into a Harveys

Martha Downing: 03/21/2017 22:56

This Winn Dixie was recently remodeled I love the new look inside!!? Thère's one downfall to there remodel though they took out there Self pay stations! Its okay as long as you don't go in at night because they only have 1 Çashier and if she feels "Chatty" then Put on your comfy shoes Cuz your gonna be standing there a good minute! But overall this Winn Dixie has improved as far as the remodel it looks Amazing!

Laura Watkins: 03/18/2017 16:06

This one is a little more popular than I like. The store is great but they do have longer check out lines due to the herd of people that are always shopping there.

David Minnich: 03/15/2017 18:47

Can be hard to see from the main road if you don't know its there but it's an easy grocery store to get in and out of, parking is easy, and their produce and shelves are well kept and organized.

Jamie Flanagin: 03/10/2017 20:18

Clean,The employees are always friendly and will go out of their way to help in any way they can,the pharmacist and pharmacist tech are the best of any I have ever done business with.Always a pleasure to go to this location of Winn Dixie.

Myra Porter: 03/05/2017 07:59

The store is clean. I can always find what I am looking for. I had an issue today with a supervisor. I purchased a frozen pizza and it was on sale for $5.00. So when I went to purchase my items, I was charged $8.00. So I went to the Customer Service desk and advised the Supervisor of the incorrect price, he wanted to press the price was incorrect but on the window on the freezer door showed the pizza did show that it Was a $5.00 pizza. He was rude. I still like this store.

Brittany Friedel: 03/05/2017 03:52

Called the store and the manager picked up the phone. Asked him if he could check to see if anyone turned in my debit card. He told me he would check and put me on hold. He kept me on hold for 25 minutes and never came back. I eventually hung up and called again. Got another manager. Explained that I have been sitting on hold waiting for the manager to check on this issue. They put me on hold again and said they would figure it all out..... Was put on hold again for another 15 minutes and then they hung up on me. I am livid. Terrible customer service. Anytime I'm in here everyone is completely unfriendly as well. I will never shop here again.

Jd C: 03/04/2017 06:09

Sometimes the sales to display on the bill and you have to complain... Otherwise great! Best prices on meat. *Don't buy clearance meat "manager special" by that time it's probably alive again.

kristy crosby: 03/03/2017 00:53

The pharmacy at this store is awful. I have needed 2 antibiotics in the past month for my kids and both times they didn't have enough to fill. I mean seriously? And the customer service from the tech was as though I was talking to a rock. It just stinks because I live a few minutes away and cannot even depend on them for a basic antibiotic. Very frustrated. Will NOT use this pharmacy ever again.

George Carnicle: 03/02/2017 18:01

old faithful! love shopping here - the employees are awesome and they have everything we need at a price we can agree on

John Carlson: 03/02/2017 02:35

20 minutes standing at deli counter, not one employee could be bothered to ask if i needed anything. 3 made eye contact. I usually shop at Publix. Now i know why.

Janet Webb: 03/01/2017 12:05


Lizzie Watts: 02/23/2017 21:01

I have been visiting this store once a week for three years. It's always a pleasant experience. The store is clean, the associates are friendly, and they have great deals on groceries - not to mention fuel perks.

Dani G: 02/22/2017 04:59

Horrible winndixie compared to the other ones in town. Deli meat section closes at 7pm, was disappointed. They were completely out of grocery store runs out of milk?? They didn't have two bags of chips I was looking for and some of the items on the shelves were expired. Place is really dirty to... not sure when the last time they mopped the floors. Lastly, they had NO sales running....really disappointed. Won't return

M Ingra: 02/21/2017 04:30

This location is better than the Baymeadows store. Beach Boulevard location is an older location but serves its purpose well. The quality of meat is is better at this location.

Charles Brown: 02/12/2017 15:09

Clean store with good customer service. I wish it wasn't so crowded! It can take a while to check out on weeknights.

Samantha Smid: 02/06/2017 23:44

I prefer here over Publix! Great prices, and I can easily find things that I need. I don't often need assistance, but it's not hard to find help if I need it. There's more than enough parking, and seems to have adequate staffing when I'm there. I don't usually have to wait too long for a register. The store seems clean when I am there. Overall, it's a convenient grocery store to have in the area.

Erica Parrish: 01/29/2017 02:34

Not pricey. Good food. Well stocked. But if you're white, you're unwelcome.

Kyle Ford: 01/25/2017 21:14

One of the better Winn dixies in Jax that i have visited , I always visit during night time and the lines are never too long and they know to open another when in need. I see the same manager all the time seems dedicated and they keep all shelves well stocked

Nabeel Hasweh: 01/23/2017 18:45

Great place I always go here when grocery shopping. Nice clean store and very nice team with friendly cashiers. They also have a good wide selection of different foods as well my only complaint would be is that in the back by the restrooms you can smell them when you walk past and in the aisles close to them but other than that great place to shop.

Denise Jaivin-Tristen: 01/16/2017 04:17

Friendly, clean and the best Winn Dixie I know of in Jacksonville and I pray they don't make it a Harveys!

Misty Daniels: 01/13/2017 07:16

They have good price on meat

Russell McCormick: 01/11/2017 19:57

Alot of homeless and is super busy usually

Suetta Johnson: 01/03/2017 23:34

The person acting in charge the front end and,registers seemed too bothered to show a new,cashier how to price over ride for and item that was marked,down because it,was expiring the next day. So we had to wait extra long for her to come back,a,second time ! Then when we mentioned she wasn't a good manager, she spouts off,with ," I'm not a manager!" Well they should not have left her in charge!!

shae2bad: 12/21/2016 01:56

I worked in the pharmacy for two months. I would not recommend working for this pharmacy to anyone!! John and Aida are extremely rude and nasty. They constantly humiliated and yelled at me in front of customers. When I first started working there I wanted customers to warm up to me as I was dealing with their personal information. John told me that I was "doing too much" and that it wasn't a "customer service job" I was only trying to be myself. The other pharmacist praised me and told me I was doing a great job and that I was picking up everything very fast . John and Aida only likes you if you are friends with them ! Please beware do NOT work for this company. Extremely unprofessional. Two other girls quit also before I was hired so that says a lot.

Amy Pohlman: 12/20/2016 20:27

I live within 3 miles of this grocery, and love the smell, the service, the helpfulness, and the overall feeling of the atmosphere. It is very clean, and the food super fresh! Managers and employees Always greet and help. I prefer this to the other area markets, including Publix and others! Although they seem to be less crowded, I find what I need and leave happier. Please remain in the center!!! Happy Holidays from my family!!!

Craig Marsh: 11/14/2016 16:44

I only go the this store when I need to pick up a few things and I don't feel like driving anywhere farther. The store always smells bad when I walk in.

Anthony Laskowski: 11/01/2016 04:42

Always a pleasure shopping in this Winn Dixie. They keep their shelves well organized and stocked. The employees are always helpful and the deals are always great.

Tony Copeland: 10/07/2016 18:51

Great local store with some of the best meat selections for the price. Walmart maybe cheaper, but this place has better quality

Bill Sandberg: 09/08/2016 18:23

Always friendly people and great prices.

Nathaniel Elder: 08/30/2016 15:25

The pharmacy is awesome, but the overall experience is not so smooth. The staff struggles with customer service satisfaction, speediness, cleanliness. The food from the deli is not good at all. It may be different if it was not overcooked and dry. Produce is great! Meats are always clean and priced right. The exterior of the store needs a major overhaul. Just my opinion. Thanks

Martin Howell: 07/14/2016 16:43

Store a needs a little work on the inside. Great prices still and if you have a winn-dixie card you can save on fuel just for shopping.

Net Kitty: 05/13/2016 02:08

I'm doing this review hoping a mgr. will read it. This is 5-12-2016 and I was at your store at 5 p.m...approx. same time I'm at your store most nights. I noticed 3 employees in red aprons. A homeless guy approached them. One of the employees gave him a dirty look and all 3 walked off. A mgr. came out to speak to someone and homeless guy hid between the Glacier water machine and the Redbox. Soon as he went back inside, he went back to harassing customers for money. I attempted to call mgmt. as I had to get back to work but none ever came to the phone. This is getting tiresome. Filthy homeless people hiding outside your store in corners or harassing customers. Publix will NOT allow this in any way. If the difference in stores is whats outside the doors...more and more could choose a little higher prices for peace quiet and cleanliness.

Martha Downing: 03/13/2016 17:57

Nice well Taken care of inside and out Store!!!! Very Nice & Well Spoken Cashiers In fact inside the Deli Section There's one Little Lady That When She Greets you With Her Beautiful Smile It Feels As If It Grabs You And Hugs You!!!