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  • Address:7075 Collins Rd, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 365-2555

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Gina Petitpas: 05/01/2017 11:06

Close to my house. I can use self checkout. I am handicap so the ride on carts are very helpful on my really bad days.

Jamie Israel: 04/24/2017 14:26

Amazing, huge, brand new SUPER Walmart. Just built very recently and therefore very clean, and organized. The employees seem very nice and helpful. I'd like to give props to the pharmacy also, I have been coming now for awhile at least a few months.... I drive from a hour away just to use them because they are very polite and professional. They are very helpful and always try to make sure they help you get a great price for your medications also. They treat you with respect and now a days, most pharmacys are quick to judge and make you feel even worse than you probably already do... I think it's very wrong, I'm a very fed up citizen. I think if you find a place like Walmart Pharmacy and they go above and beyond right off the bat for you, and try their best to help you find discount cards or whatever it takes to help the process along, be proud, tell the world, share some good stories with people if you can. I think they deserve the credit....

Rocco Mingione III: 03/31/2017 01:17

Absolute rude pricks in the auto center. Battery I got from them has died 3 times and has been needed to be jumped 3 days in a row AAA comes out and jumps it the slip says needs charge. So I take it to Walmart where I purchased it and the rude assholes there say well it says good battery must be something else I said no the slip that I have says good battery but needs charge. They said well my slip only says if the battery is good or not. I said you can't just charge it. He said no go somewhere else. I'm going to leave a review everywhere I hope no one ever goes to this auto Walmart ever. Absolute rude pieces of crap. I will do everything in my power to make sure they get fired. I said I literally got jumped to get here. I showed him the slip that AAA gave me where it stated it is a good battery but it's low and needs a charge. He said mine only shows if it's good or bad so I won't charge it. I said that makes no sense so you'll never charge a persons batteey? He said well sorry bye.

betty kane: 03/22/2017 21:23

We came in to purchase some earrings. The person behind the counter was named Faith she was a department manager according to her name tag. She had such a bad attitude. When we approached the counter she was talking on the phone and also with another employee. My husband was standing near by waiting for her to be done. And she turns and looks at him and she says "what do you want?". Once we told her which earrings we wanted she sold us a little box that said piercing set. We didn't mind buying the piercing set since i had just pierced my ears and we could use the cleaning solution. But when we got in the car we opened the box and it was the wrong earrings. Overall I was not happy with her customer service and for her to be a department manager I believe walmart needs to reconsider that. If it was possible I would give zero stars.

Benjamin Willson: 03/03/2017 05:12

24hrs open and huge! They have a lot of room for your carts and buggies. It is right off 295 and access is so convenient! Anyone who works 3rd or 4th shift could easily stop on the way home for a few items, and the Gate Station in front is Top Notch!