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  • Address:1650 San Pablo Rd S, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 380-3231
  • Address:8011 Merrill Rd, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 380-8325
  • Opening Hours Today: 06:00-00:00
  • Monday: 06:00-00:00
  • Tuesday: 06:00-00:00
  • Wednesday: 06:00-00:00
  • Thursday: 06:00-00:00
  • Friday: 06:00-00:00
  • Saturday: 06:00-00:00
  • Sunday: close
  • Address:6855 Wilson Blvd, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 513-6582
  • Opening Hours Today: 06:00-23:00
  • Monday: 06:00-23:00
  • Tuesday: 06:00-23:00
  • Wednesday: 06:00-23:00
  • Thursday: 06:00-23:00
  • Friday: 06:00-23:00
  • Saturday: 06:00-23:00
  • Sunday: close
  • Address:10550 Old St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 380-8271
  • Opening Hours Today: 06:00-00:00
  • Monday: 06:00-00:00
  • Tuesday: 06:00-00:00
  • Wednesday: 06:00-00:00
  • Thursday: 06:00-00:00
  • Friday: 06:00-00:00
  • Saturday: 06:00-00:00
  • Sunday: close

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S Gee: 05/02/2017 18:37

I can get in and out of the store with the convenience of there self checkout.

Travesia Cirne: 04/28/2017 21:46

I love this store. Always short lines, fully stocked food

Mattie mattie: 04/26/2017 00:53

Very very slow always 1 person at the registers. Customer service is slow also . They need more help. And management just walks around like they are actually managing. Instead they could open a register and help. Worst place ever. .

Teric Traya: 04/18/2017 03:16

Good place to shop groceries. Not so crowded most of the time.

Jacquelyn Meenach: 04/13/2017 08:50

Love the fact that I can go here for a few things and not have to deal with the crowd at the big Wal-Mart!!

Sierria Ash: 04/12/2017 17:13

Only have 2 lines open majority of the time. You think you save time going to the neighborhood Wal-Mart but you spend more time in there than you do the Super Wal-Mart. Need more staff...

Frankie Eldridge: 04/05/2017 16:58

It has most of the products I need without going to a super store that's a super pain in the butt. The employees are very courteous.

Dianna Fresh: 04/02/2017 16:02

The employees at this location are friendly, helpful and they make shopping a pleasure.

Larry Hagan: 03/27/2017 01:42

The grocery department is good, I tried to transfer my prescriptions there and they made me feel like I was doing something wrong. I am 63 y.o and have chronic pain which can't be fixed by surgery.

bonnie davila: 03/21/2017 23:00

You can get your food items with out all other stuff in your way of getting in and out of the store in a quick fashion.

Vincent Cautero: 03/10/2017 04:41

Walmart prices, but not the usual Walmart "craziness". Good selection of items overall, yet limited produce. Clean and friendly (surprising for Walmart).

Maria Shimones: 02/27/2017 00:58

Super convenient but needs a new manager. The white lady with dark hair has a serious attitude. I've had to wait to buy something because she was purchasing a candy bar. She's not nice, helpful, or gracious by any means. Get her an attitude adjustment or find someone better.

Aida C: 02/24/2017 22:02

This store is not nearly as big as a regular Walmart, but large enough to get most of what you need.

Eunice Mathis: 02/19/2017 18:25

Sunday morning at 10:00 am, and only 1 register is open. The manager is aware... but no other lanes have open. The cashier is awesome, and moving as fast as he can, but he needs help.

Mark Hogan: 02/12/2017 06:16

Very clean and well kept but wear a sweater or jacket because their stores are cooler than normal.Employees very helpful and friendly.

Nabeel Hasweh: 01/23/2017 18:41

This is a great place they have most of what you would find in a big walmart from fresh produce , canned and snack food , baby items , frozen items etc. But at times it can get busy and the lines will start to build.

Lauren C: 01/20/2017 22:01

In my 8 years shopping Walmart in Albany NY and Alpharetta, GA I never had the problems I've come across at the Neighborhood Walmart in Jacksonville. They want to blame home office and vendors but it's them. They can't keep shelves stocked reliably and they regularly discontinue products I buy regularly. I can never count on getting what I need there. So infuriating! It is not worth the extra $they charge for not being a Super Walmart. Done!!

Kimberly Leonard: 01/17/2017 03:23

Parking is great. There are always enough cashiers and self checkout. I can always find what I'm looking for. Staff aren't super helpful, but friendly enough. Perfect place to get in and out if you know what you're doing.

Leroy J: 11/22/2016 17:44

It's VERY CONVENIENT for 24/7 grocery shopping! Being smaller than a superstore, it's easier and quicker to get in and out. I shop here frequently for side trips to pick up a few items and for the bi-weekly shopping as well. The store is always clean, the produce and meat fresh and the workers are always friendly and eager to assist when needed! I typically shop in the wee hours of the morning, because I work at night.

Dennis Cejvanovic: 11/01/2016 04:41

Everything is always well organized and clean. Shelves are well stocked and produce department professionally displayed. I think they actually might have more cashiers working then the super Walmart down the street. If there are more than few people in a line a manager will jump in and open another one immediately. Cashiers are friendly and quick. Love my neighborhood Walmart.