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  • Address:150 Riverside Ave Suite 200, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 665-0180

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kmbaker32223: 04/19/2017 20:26

This place is the bomb! Best deal on sushi there is. Great customer service. Theres always bakery samples out to enjoy. They have a great selection of fruits and veggies that you wont find at Publix like Sumo Mandarins, Ojai Pixies, Gold Nugget Mandatins etc...Don't forget your Hubert Lemonade either.

Mark Beshel: 04/04/2017 22:55

Upscale grocery store. Lots of specialty stuff, pricey but deals are there if you look for them.

JAHey Now: 03/06/2017 23:06

Deceptive practices. They set up a large display, featuring a buy one get one item. But when you try to purchase, it's not the actual item. This big, oafish "manager" said I read the sign wrong. Of course I did, when a reputable store displays an item on sale, the item in the display is the one on sale. If it was a mistake, apologize. Nope, not here. I'm willing to overpay at a store for the customer service. You are no whole foods.

Bill Kelly: 02/05/2017 07:17

Just stopped by today and got some shrimp, peeled them and started cooking them and the kitchen smelled like ammonia. In the past fresh market shrimp were always the best. Hope this is a one off fluke. Unfortunately I now have 2lbs of shrimp that I'm afraid to eat.

Kelly Elkins: 01/29/2017 00:06

Fresh food & we love their Tuesday specials. Their house coffee is our favorite.

Irene M Sweda: 01/16/2017 07:48

Having The Fresh Market next door where I live is great. I can find excellent ingredients you don t find everywhere. Two aspects I dislike is 1-Managment is not personal, friendly staff found bcs they are nice themselves but not because Company Policy. Many employees, including Manager in this location, are not "Customer Service" oriented. 2- Store is not very clean. I have use the bathroom and it really is not at standard. Water Fountain is disgusting and common areas inside an outside are not neat. If Fresh Market consider itself a high end grocery store they should watch their facilities. Its just a though. I still like shopping there.

ilandra elmi: 11/08/2016 22:26

If I was rich I'd shop here Everytime I need groceries. Friendly staff and unique foods and groceries you can't find other places. Better than whole foods!

Bob Edelman: 10/11/2016 19:12

As far as local grocery stores go they have a nice fresh meat selection including prime. Fresh seafood selection is good if you are pinched for time however I prefer seafood only shops. Fairly nice selection of gourmet brands, bulk foods, coffee and some nice fresh produce. The fresh bakery includes tasty breads & rolls of all kinds and some very decadent pastries. Wine selection is ok but a bit pricey. Deli focuses on hard to find items and they have a good cheese selection. This upscale grocery store carries limited brands and not the ones you generally find in major supermarket chains. The only thing I found strange was the fact that the butchers did not know what hanger steak is and they do no carry it. At least most butchers know what it is.

David Woodall: 09/07/2016 22:54

Always friendly staff. Fresh Market is a pricey place to buy groceries, but they do a great job for their niche. I always feel so much smarter after shopping there, having listened to classical music for 15 minutes while strolling the aisles. I do like their deli counter. Their dinners are good, and the staff works hard.

Greg Narcisi: 08/13/2016 05:26

As always the level of service in The Fresh Market is quite refreshing. Instead of being a log jamb of people trying to go through the other store chains, The Fresh Market had just the right amount of people to make the line seem non-existent. I even when there on Tuesday, when they have the daily special on chicken and hamburger meat, and I still got my shrimp and was able to get out in less than 10 minutes. I know their prices are higher then the competitors but the convenience of The Fresh Market being right by the house, makes up for some of that difference. I recommend going to anyone who hasn't been there yet.