Publix Super Market Division Office

United StatesFloridaJacksonville → Publix Super Market Division Office
  • Address:9786 W Beaver St, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 781-8600

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Fastjoe Corrigan: 04/11/2017 00:55

Super nice people I was extremely late they could have put me off till tomorrow they let me know they were going to be late

C Jay: 04/01/2017 03:36

Very awful service. The "managers" are very rude and inconsiderate. The customer is always right, publix you really need to work on this. Especially your black female manager with dreads. She was a nightmare, awful, rude and very inconsiderate. It was clear that none of them value their jobs. I have to look at contacting someone hire up the chain. That's the only way things probably will change.

Donald Hilton: 03/23/2017 21:04

Great place to drop and hook,parking is limited and they won't let you in until after midnight to park for your morning delivery.

P Galante: 03/21/2017 21:48

Can get here at noon for a night drop. Or midnight for a morning drop. Have to leave when you are done.nice people tho.

Steve Jahneke: 11/29/2016 18:13

It started out good, got into my dock early, but went downhill from there. Super small tight area to get into dock. 3 hours to unload 8 skids. Then they kept putting me off to receive/verify my load. 7 other trucks came, got unloaded, got thier paperwork and left after I was empty. So frustrating. No real effort to help out. Never coming here again.