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  • Address:1104 Edgewood Ave S, Jacksonville
  • Phone:(904) 388-1524

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Ian Cleary: 01/12/2017 08:30

This is my absolute favorite grocery in the Urban Jax area. Ever since I moved to the west side last year, I have been visiting to get the bulk of my grocery shopping done at least twice a month. I can get most of my vegetarian diet stuff here for a really good price and support local small business as well. The owners are excellent and very kind to me and keep a great stock of fresh vegetables, spices, and sauces. I love the Khmer language and this is one of the few cultural spaces in Jacksonville where I get to have exposure to it so that's a plus.

Christian Zaccheo: 11/02/2016 00:57

Very cool local store! Nice addition to the Murray hill area. I love the tropical fruit :)

Yuk Sean Luon: 09/21/2016 01:18

Very expensive !!