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  • Address:6225 E State Road 64, Bradenton
  • Phone:(941) 708-2800
  • Address:5315 Cortez Rd W, Bradenton
  • Phone:(941) 798-9341
  • Address:5810 Ranch Lake Blvd, Bradenton
  • Phone:(941) 799-5538

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Randy Xenakis: 05/03/2017 23:47

Have usually had good experiences shopping the grocery section at this Walmart. Unfortunately, during our visit today, a shopper had a dog in the grocery cart roaming around the vegetable and produce sections of the store. When I asked the Walmart Greeter why this was allowed she responded that she is required to ask customers with pets if the pets are service pets. She said the answer is always "yes" even when they aren't. She said her hands are tied and cannot pursue any other questions. Since the carts are not cleaned and the animals are allowed in the food sections, this creates a very unsanitary environment. While my wife and I will continue to shop Walmart for non-food items, we are sorry to say that we will most likely go elsewhere for our food needs unless Walmart's "pet" policy changes. Randy Xenakis May 3, 2017

Jenny martin: 05/02/2017 21:37

Awesome Wal Mart everything is so nice and nice and meet dials are cleared of clutter I like this Walmart better than I like my home Walmart.

Michael Rivera: 04/30/2017 01:10

Come to this Walmart all the time love it! The management staff not so much they don't really care and are very rude. I was trying to advicethem about twl product being priced wrong , and instead of him taking his time and trying to figure out the promble All he said was oh must be in the wrong spot and ignored me and my fiance . Let's just say he caught me in a good mood.

AUDREY KRUGER: 04/24/2017 19:39

FOR THE WALMART ON CORTEZ.. I was VERY disappointed this morning at your store. I was VERY offended to see 2 black guys, with their pants BELOW their Asses.... holding the pants UP in front in order to walk.... I spend LOT of money in your store, and... . Yes... I'm an old fart.... BUT .. some things just should NOT be advertised in public. ASSES... for one thing.... I don't need to see a grey or red pair of underwear showing ABOVE your pants..... Decency must not have been introduced to the two guys Who were proudly strutting around... pushing a cart with one hand, while holding up their pants with the other hand. I guess I thought the "greeter" at the door could have/ should have the authority to turn someone away, who is dressed so disrespectfully...... can YOU comment n this....? ? I don't see this behavior in WINN DIXIE or. PUBLIX..... Is it possible these two stores have more respect for their customers than WALMART does...? This gives me pause, as to where I shop..... I would request a response from the Walmart manager on this issue... Audrey Kruger

Fran Sposato: 04/18/2017 18:33

HUGE store and really enjoy my shopping there! They carry all the items I need and I have found every cashier friendly! I always use online grocery as well and it is so convenient! Love this service!

Sean Conquest: 04/15/2017 05:51

Overall cleanliness was questionable. Over the past few visits, I've come across a not so friendly cashier. On the plus side this location also includes a McDonald's for convenience. Facility floors could be cleaned and re-waxed. The prepackaged produce I've gotten from the fresh department was not satisfying at all. This includes the small $3 fruit variety and medium watermelon sticks, both were lackluster in taste and texture was off. Checkout speed was on par with what is expected. This facility also recently got self serve checkouts.

Craig Jackson: 04/09/2017 00:39

What can you say? It's Walmart. Met our needs. Better prices than both Publix or Winn-Dixie.

Justin Plott: 03/26/2017 00:13

It's a Walmart... Don't think there's much more you can say. Crowded like always. Full of Bradentuckeys finest.

Pinoc chio: 01/04/2017 20:22

Love love love this store in Glad I live around Walmart I buy produce and groceries from Walmart most of the time. I never had any problems with cashier or buying stuff online, in store nor returning stuff. Thanks guy for working hard and valuing your customers

Nini Del Aguilar: 12/06/2016 20:04

Everything is fine. I would shop for all the best thing on list. The line is fair. But need more cashier. But be careful about the night I had my truck back window broken. Not enough surveillance cameras in the parking. Any one else can be a victim at that Walmart at Night. I'm honestly telling the truth about it. And Walmart is not going to Help you for Any Damage.!!!!!!!!