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  • Address:925 15th St E, Bradenton
  • Phone:(941) 747-3388

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Cindy Simon: 04/25/2017 04:54

Listen!!! this is to all the people in the BLACK COMMUNITY we need to start opening our eyes and stop supporting businesses that's not bringing value and sponsorship to our community! We have been sleeping for so long and we need to wake up... my sister and I went to this place and she forgot her wallet at home so thank God she only had 6 bucks in her purse. Mind you, my sister is a frequent customer in this location. The items that she bought totalled up to 8 bucks and some change so we removed one item which brought it down to $6.41. My sis only had 6 bucks in cash so we ask the cashier if that's ok to waive the 41 cent as we give him the six bucks... he's response "why don't you have the 41 cent you should have it.. we explained the situation to him and he insisted that my sis needed to give him the 41 cent. Again my sis is a frequent customer. I got annoyed and left cause really we giving their business profit. We are spending our hard working money on things that cost less than the intended price. No matter what the items are... these people are making fortune out of us anyways and he couldn't let the 41 cent go!! Smh. Please black community be wise and get educated so we can run our own businesses in our own community.. I would put 0 stars cause they not looking out for us just taking from us!

Younji Lee: 02/25/2017 04:25

Great place to shop

Shayla Crews: 12/10/2016 22:59

Terrible service and lacking in choices. I was looking for a Sensationnel wig and they did not carry that brand at all. They had maybe 4 cheapy cheap wig brands. At least I think, because the girl who helped me wasn't sure and neither of them were particularly interested in looking. They wouldn't even have acknowledged me had I not asked a question. The front desk person, possibly the owner or manager, did not speak as I entered or left. There was also a strange odor in the building. Doubt I'll be back.

Moody Hill: 03/24/2016 01:50

Best price with a wide selection of products they lost one point because no Air Conditioner

Nadine Desir: 06/21/2014 02:58

Hands down the best in the area. They have such a wide selection. And prices beat everyone.