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  • Address:4142 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs
  • Phone:(719) 244-9776
  • Address:1725 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs
  • Phone:(719) 424-3385
  • Address:1622 S Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs
  • Phone:(719) 244-9294

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Aut B: 04/22/2017 12:14

Convinient with less bustle than the super store but never enough fresh produce or deli options. Would rather go a little further to King Soopers for much better quality.

Noah Stanley: 04/14/2017 00:56

It's your standard Walmart. I usually go here for dog food, it has good prices on grain free dog food. Otherwise it has a decent selection of the essentials like, eggs, meat, vegetables and etc.

Brandon La Mee: 04/09/2017 19:50

Much better than going to the full size ones. And the staff here is pretty awesome.

stacey riese: 03/28/2017 04:10

A nice convenient store to pickup a few or a lot of things. Way less crowded then a Walmart super store. But same great savings!

Jeanne H: 03/14/2017 05:36

Tiffany, Customer Service Supervisor, always goes to great lengths to help. She has called me to follow up on online orders and she goes out of her way to be helpful in every way. Big thank you Tiffany! So happy you're still at my neighborhood store!

Christienne J.: 03/11/2017 06:54

The selection is minimal, the prices are nothing special. They completely lost me as a customer tonight when they refused to honor a price they had posted on avocados. Apparently, someone made a mistake, but any other store I've been to would have honored it. With all of the other choices out there, why would I go back to this place? I was only going there because it was close, but it looks like the new Save-a-lot's prices are lower and they're less than half the distance from my house. I'd even rather go to Safeway or King Soopers, at this point, just to avoid walmart. Buh-bye.

Brittney D: 03/04/2017 08:51

This is by far the best walmart ive ever seen. Everyone is very nice and the store is immaculate!! Absolutely love this place!!! Can get in and out in 5 minutes, i just cant get over how great it is

Shannon Sanchez: 01/18/2017 00:54

I love to go to Our Neighborhood Grocery Walmart for many reasons. Here, I can almost always get parking close to the entrance. Even when I do have to park further away, that doesn't mean a half mile away! At most, a few cars down from the door. Granted, they mostly sell only foods at this location, but there's still a pet isle, and other miscellaneous items. It's just like any other grocery store, only it's not swarming with traffic all over, and there's not a sea of people inside, some of whom can be very rude. You're not waiting at the checkout lane for what feels like an eternity! Here at the checkout, there's hardly any wait, if you wait all! It's a calm, quiet, easy way to shop. One thing to mention though, some of their items are priced just slightly higher than at a Super Wallyworld , as we call it here, but they're still cheaper than other grocers. For me, an extra few cents is well worth it! They're very helpful and friendly, and I don't have to have to put up with all that chaos like at most other chain grocery stores. Thumbs up to this small Neighborhood Grocery Walmart!! I Thank You!

Dianna Glenn: 01/03/2017 04:36

I only go here when it's on my way, I can normally get in and out pretty quick, but they do not carry certain foods I buy. There is no deli, no bakery. The people at the little meat counter don't know how to use the scale to convert measurements. I needed 3oz of meat, they could not figure out how to give me just 3oz. The staff their has accused me of stealing a jug of water when I went in and said I was missing the water I just bought. They sent someone out to my car to search for the water. I finally pressed them to look at the camera and they saw a worker picked it up off the floor and put it on the shelf. Then another time they wanted to argue over their price matching policy, but I had it printed out and with me and the sale paper. Not my favorite store. The pharmacy people are amazing and very helpful.

Christopher Schooley: 12/23/2016 03:40

Your no-frills get in/get out grocery store. Sometimes can find kitschy or unique products here. It's not my go to store since the selection is a little on the "prepared foods" side, but great in a pinch.