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Chad Peyton: 04/29/2017 21:35

Different options from mainstream stores. Very low prices. Clean and organized.

Bryan Terhune: 04/28/2017 00:27

Great little neighborhood grocery store. All of the employees are nice and don't mind helping customers.

jonah richardson: 04/21/2017 12:38

Becouse there is good cheap food the milk is 250 and the pan dupe sweet bread is awesome

Regina Davies: 04/17/2017 20:46

Great prices!!!!

Mary Waechter: 03/12/2017 07:39

Great selection!! I got a ton of groceries and spent less than 50! Family packs of chicken were pre frozen so I have to figure out how to use them. Flour tortillas were wonderful and great deal on frozen wild caught salmon. Just 3.99 for 20 oz!!

Samantha Sargent: 02/08/2017 15:35

We are very pleasantly surprised at how great their quality of food is, and of course how inexpensive it is. The customers we encounter are a little sketchy sometimes and you have to bring your own bag or box and thats where the savings are.

Sarah Waite: 01/13/2017 20:18

Great prices for meat and produce, nice selection of Mexican and Central American spices, canned goods and frozen foods. No organic foods. Bring your own reusable bags or use the empty boxes they have on front counter, they also sell large bags for 11¢ a piece.

Kirk Stubbs: 11/25/2016 23:37

You can save on some things there are very cheap some things not so much they do have a few off-brands but just like any place else if you are careful on what you purchase you can save money there. They specialize in Mexican spices and cuisine. Good price on chicken and produce.