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  • Address:3250 Centennial Blvd, Colorado Springs
  • Phone:(719) 866-6645
  • Opening Hours Today: 05:00-00:00
  • Monday: 05:00-00:00
  • Tuesday: 05:00-00:00
  • Wednesday: 05:00-00:00
  • Thursday: 05:00-00:00
  • Friday: 05:00-00:00
  • Saturday: 05:00-00:00
  • Sunday: close
  • Address:1070 Baptist Rd, Colorado Springs
  • Phone:(719) 488-2955
  • Opening Hours Today: 05:00-00:00
  • Monday: 05:00-00:00
  • Tuesday: 05:00-00:00
  • Wednesday: 05:00-00:00
  • Thursday: 05:00-00:00
  • Friday: 05:00-00:00
  • Saturday: 05:00-00:00
  • Sunday: close
  • Address:1750 W Uintah St, Colorado Springs
  • Phone:(719) 636-5043
  • Address:9225 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs
  • Phone:(719) 522-2200
  • Address:6930 Academy Blvd N, Colorado Springs
  • Phone:(719) 598-5177
  • Opening Hours Today: 04:45-00:00
  • Monday: 04:45-00:00
  • Tuesday: 04:45-00:00
  • Wednesday: 04:45-00:00
  • Thursday: 04:45-00:00
  • Friday: 04:45-00:00
  • Saturday: 04:45-00:00
  • Sunday: close
  • Address:815 Cheyenne Meadows Rd, Colorado Springs
  • Phone:(719) 527-1590

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CD Do: 05/02/2017 11:15

I am so glad we moved from the other side of town, because NOW we are closer to King Sooper than Safeway. I love their produce, deli, and olive bar. The workers are nice and they even have a cute mechanical pony for my kids to ride while I check out. We go here almost every day for something.

Michael Witt: 04/30/2017 04:10

This place is close to my residence and I love that they have always the cheapest prices

Rev.Jeremy Kendall: 04/28/2017 16:18

Im Going to 7-11 for cigareets and anything i can next time because if you go around 4-5 ish in morn they dont care because what allways takes 5 min took over 30 min this morn.. it took 3 employees to finally help and find the right person to it turns out the person i talked said hi and asked to help with cigarettes in first place when i got out of cab who said i dont do cigareets ended up being right person in first place i wouldnt beupset if he either told me hold on im on break or ill be right their but he said he was not able to access it he lied...... Humm customer service is to lie??? And on top insted of paying what i pay a cab i had to pay extra for their lie or lack of care.......

Steve Spinella: 04/27/2017 00:22

Not the biggest store and the access is a bit awkward, but it is usually well stocked and popular with apartment denizens.

Glen Saller: 04/25/2017 18:09

This is our local King Soopers and the primary reason we shop there is location. Recently remodeled, it now includes an expanded sushi bar and deli section with a nice variety of prepared foods, and an organic foods section which has added variety. I have to say the cut flower section is outstanding - it has become our "go to" location for bouquets for all occasions. It is a clean, well lighted place.

Nathan Spratt: 04/25/2017 17:05

Awesome produce section! They even allow you to taste different cheeses to find out which one you like the best. Very clean grocery store. Best grocery chain I have been to.

Pamela Schaaf: 04/19/2017 05:32

So disgusted that I purchased pastry items on Monday, April 17th. Get home, open up the cupcakes, take one out, feels extremely dry, look at the date on the package and can't believe what I see. Expired on March 29th. Seriously, Are you kidding me? To sell products that have expired three weeks ago is inexcusable. Don't you have some kind of quality control. Doesn't really seem like that would be too hard and would be kind of critical in the food industry. Granted, I should have checked the date. Will be shopping elsewhere.

Jamie Brown: 04/16/2017 02:38

Hands down one of the best grocery stores in COS. I live in Manitou and drive past Safeway to get to this store.

Melly Rohrbach: 04/10/2017 20:31

This store is awful. They stock the shelves in the morning, and no one will get out of your way. If you try to shop around the dozens and dozens of carts, and employees trying to stock the shelves, then you will get a ton of "go to hell" looks. Making the whole experience awful! The pharmacy tech wouldn't even greet me when I went to the pharmacy counter, the pharmacists wouldn't make eye contact. I did not get my Rx because they wouldn't work with me on a generic, when my doctor wrote the perception, she told me, she was writing for a generic. I don't know why they sold me the name brand, and wouldn't change it? I got nothing but complete rudeness and sass. They did not want me at the counter, clearly I was in the way! So I left, without medicine that I need. As I went to check out with my food, after getting a ton of dirty looks trying to shop around the stockers, the lady at the register was mad at me, because I didn't bring the ticket up from the water fill station. I've been filling water there for over a year now, and never once, has anyone asked me for a ticket! But all of sudden, now its a huge problem... Everyone else at that King Sooper, knew how to do there job before I met her. But now because she's inept, I am going to suffer her verbal insults. I tried to explain it her, but NOPE... she wasn't even going to have it! If you guys don't like your jobs, then leave! Life it too short! Stop abusing your customers, you're making yourself even more unhappy by being so miserably rude! I have never in my life cried over a grocery store trip, but you all are that terrible!

Zachary Morris: 04/06/2017 02:46

Been going to this store for years. This store reminds me of a small town store. Very friendly staff and they seem to remember us every time we come in. Bob is the heart of this store, he will go out of his way to help anyone and our kids love him as well. He always has stickers for them and treats them like his own. Will continue to shop here as long as this store is open.

Peter O: 03/22/2017 00:34

This place was not good... I had 2 of the al la carte Alaskan fish sandwiches, and expected great things from the past reviews... however, after eating them I am doubtful these actually originated in Alaska, and quite certain they were made days ago and left under the warming lamp. As a final thought, I am also quite certain the bun would have been tastier to eat plain without the putrid tasting "fish"!

Jake Morrow: 03/21/2017 21:55

Definitely busy before and after "work hours" (8 & 5). Other than that it is good :)

Nichole Kovel: 02/28/2017 02:36

Best place to shop in Colorado Springs. Shhh don't tell anyone. I use order online: click to shop It's clean, produce is usually great

Tanner Plant: 02/25/2017 08:48

Love the selection and price. The checkouts are always fast and there is usually a self check out open if that's your bag. The parking lot can get dicey so stay frosty of there people.

Andrew Bag: 02/25/2017 05:37

Love to shop here. Always fresh and the cost is usually low. I'm glad they added the sushi area next to Starbucks.

Maureen Rooker: 02/23/2017 03:03

I LOVE King Soopers. We were in Colorado on vacation, and stopped by to get sandwiches to take hiking. I absolutely love their prepared deli food....Great place

Chris Nash: 02/15/2017 22:17

Clean, store with lots of amenities, such as a fresh sushi bar and deli. The prices are reasonable and even though it is smaller than some of the big box stores, it often has items they don't. Great produce selection.

Kris Bourgeois: 02/08/2017 22:39

They've recently remodeled, and the new look is pleasant. The produce workers are excellent. I have had several experiences where I didn't like what was on display, and someone was more than happy get something fresher out of the back for me. I have never considered asking for fresher produce from the walk-in fridge, but the people working at this store offered to do so immediately. The butcher department also has a wide variety, and plenty of sale items that are great for stocking the freezer for impromptu meals.

Chessaria Moriarty: 01/28/2017 18:14

I almost always shop here for my groceries. I find they tend to have better prices than other stores and the staff is always friendly. Plus, you can get points that are redeemable for gas.

Eric Demeter: 01/25/2017 21:18

King supers has always been my favorite grocery store in Colorado Springs. You have good prices in a good selection. Stuff it's easy to find once you get to know the store a little bit.

Eric Demeter: 01/24/2017 16:12

Best supermarket in Colorado Springs. I use the pharmacy too. Really good prices on gluten-free items, except bread. Go to Trader Joe's for that.

Tyler Dexter: 01/22/2017 07:46

We have always had a good shopping experience at King Soopers, and have appreciated the assistance of Bob and many other helpful employees. Easy to find what we need and the new layout has been helpful.

Kyler Knutson: 01/12/2017 12:09

I love how everything is laid out at this King Soopers and I was very excited when they added in the natural foods section! Definitely my main go to whenever I need to pick up groceries.

Corina Hurst: 11/26/2016 18:14

Great supermarket! ALWAYS CROWDED. Parking here can be rough during the busy times, and if you need a cart return, forget it! That being said, fresh produce always stocked, and a good clean deli area with prepared foods including fried chicken, pastas, soups, and decent sushi. Good kitchen/housewares section with frequent clearances. Pharmacy area has some makeup, toiletries, etc in a favorable selection. Cashiers are quick and efficient (Ted is the best, been there forever and so friendly). The floral gals are so helpful and obviously love what they create. Also, king soopers typically has small sections for each aisle labeled Organic and Gluten free which can be SO helpful if you typically shop these products. Soopercard is easy to sign up for and saves you a decent percentage.

Austin DeBrito: 10/17/2016 23:07

Great staff, great location (easy to get to), has a gas station, and most of the employees have been there for years. That really says something about the management there. I haven't been as impressed with the other locations as I am with this location. Keep up the good work!