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Rebecca Lobato: 04/11/2017 06:01

They have amazing shoes for my son and my son has flat feet

Dave Clayburn: 03/13/2017 07:57

Great selection! This is far and away the best location in the springs definitely worth the drive!

Alia S: 03/11/2017 07:16

The staff are always very friendly and helpful. Wide selection of shoes.

Owen Miller: 02/16/2017 09:57

One of the few places in town that has shoes in my size (13) prices are fair, and their willingness to check other stores inventory for you is a blessing.

Matthew Richey: 02/09/2017 06:23

Great service

Camellas Powell: 01/25/2017 22:49

I went in there this evening and saw the pair of shoes on the clearance row that was marked at $20 took it to the cashier she told me it was missed priced it was nothing she could do about it should not be the customers problem. Bad customer service I talked to the manager today and she took care of everything she honored the price on the shoe very standup lady Thank you again

Debra Genger: 12/05/2016 00:10

I am so completely disappointed with how Famous Footwear trains their managers. I bought a pair of boots online, and had to take them back as they did not fit. Caitlyn, The assistant manager, was unmotivated and unwilling to help. All I wanted was a simple exchange, and I ended up with a nasty young woman refusing to help her customer. I ended up getting my money back after being told 'that's not my job'. I was asking for her help to get the coupon off of my phone. She could clearly see the discount in my email account, but she refused to help me get it to where I could get the benefit of that $15 off. Then she actually said "that's not my job", when I suggested that she help older customers pull the coupons off their phones. Famous Footwear needs to take the time to train unhelpful, and rude, inattentive staff in the art of customer retention, and customer service. We have a very large family, and we will never shop in this store again! Shame on you!

DANA OROS: 06/13/2016 06:23

The cashier was friendly they will typically send you pretty good coupons but their regular prices are really high so you do have to wait for the sales.

Cinthya Lopez: 05/12/2016 02:28

I'm a size 5.5 and was having a very hard time finding shoes my size. Since my puppy chewed up all but 2 pairs of my shoes, I was in dire need of a new pair. Girls are naturally picky, and being a size 5.5 I wasn't finding anything. A nice young lady by the name of Chantelle saw me struggling and offered help. We looked and looked and she scanned every pair I was interested in, with no luck...until she happened to double check on a pair of Roxy shoes that I fell in love with. They were only available online, so she ordered the perfect size for me and they arrived in the mail within 3 days! She made my day cause I was about to walk right out of the store and probably spend hours to days trying to find the right shoes for me. I am definitely shopping here again!

Allana Dorame: 04/15/2016 04:00

My experience was and is the worst. I purchased shoes yesterday 4/13/2016. I wore the running shoes I purchased for about an hour and my feet hurt really bad. I brought them back today 4/14/2016. I looked for other shoes to exchange but none of them were fit enough for myself. I went to return them for my money back and the manager, Chantelle, (new to the store) stated that since I wore them I could only get a store credit. I advised the manager that the assistant manager just yesterday advised myself that I could bring them back and get a refund. She refused to do anything else and advised myself to call Corp. to complain. Her attitude was a bit obtuse and condescending. Although the she acknowledged her assistant manager was wrong and would coach her moving forward I was basically out .... I went to my car to call Corp. And they were very nice however I'm going to have to purchase another pair of shoes in the mean time until this matter has been resolved by the district manager. Which could be next week to any resolution if any. This could have been taken care of in a matter of minutes by the manager but clearly Famous Footwear has they core values off. I wouldn't go to this store ever again. Since clearly they will put you in a bind just so they can make money off of you rather than maintain a positive customer service by doing the right thing because it's the right thing to do. By the way this was so upsetting to me that I wrote this review and it's my first one ever to write. Horrible experience and took $100 from me. Now why would I want a store credit? Store credit to a company that doesn't show empathy or makes their mistakes right after admitting their wrongs? I'll wait to see what the DM says .....