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  • Address:4405 Centennial Blvd, Colorado Springs
  • Phone:(719) 593-8805
  • Address:455 E Cheyenne Mountain Blvd, Colorado Springs
  • Phone:(719) 576-3310
  • Address:8750 N Union Blvd, Colorado Springs
  • Phone:(719) 282-9066
  • Address:7055 Austin Bluffs Pkwy, Colorado Springs
  • Phone:(719) 264-8650

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heidrick2009: 05/04/2017 01:01

People here make it worth while

Jason Gosnell: 04/30/2017 06:49

BEST MEAT AT A BUTCHER SHOP thats in a grocery store, but that was before they merges with Safeway, so who knows how that will shake out....

Mickey Wysinger: 04/16/2017 13:23

A manager accuse me of stealing until I showed him what was in my pocket although I did not have to show him... I am an adult not a thief.Those of you whom think they are not expensive you must be rich Or you don't shop at many grocery stores. I will say I've noticed a change in customer service they are much better now...more friendly. I do larger grocery shopping at another store... It saves me about $15 to $20 for every $100. I only shop for one or two items when I go because they are close. Usually I go out of my way not to shop Albertsons.

Evan Curtis: 04/01/2017 00:20

It has very good prices and I always get groceries there. The employees are nice except like two of them.

Droid T: 03/28/2017 00:37

Price of food is almost unbeatable. Most items will be on sale. That about all the good things I can say. They just did a remodel inside and placement of items makes no sense. Not sure who would think fresh produce and cleaning supplies should go next to each other. Maybe a bleach flavored apple is a good idea to someone. Or when looking for pancakes in the breakfast isle to find its not there. Or the many many other items that are in a place that doesn't make any sense. Remodel have made finding any items complete nonsense. The first you see when you walk is an empty isle. The first isle is half empty.

Steve H: 03/19/2017 05:49

Same as most Alberstons, I shop here because it's close to home. The meat employees I've dealt with are not very friendly or helpful. The cashiers are always super friendly though.

Corky Garko: 03/12/2017 03:24

My local store. Here most every day. Great staff.

Shannon Sanchez: 02/24/2017 12:51

I like going to Albertsons because it's never chaotic! They are no more expensive than the rest of the chain grocery stores in the area. They usually have great specials (bogo) on their meats. When I go to Albertsons, I don't have to deal with crowds of people. It's an easy and relaxing way to do your shopping. Good parking, and what you don't find at Albertsons, you can find at one of the other stores conveniently located at the same shopping center. Thumbs up from me!!

Matt Potter: 02/23/2017 05:53

Not near as busy as some stores around this area. The meat section is WAY WAY better than the closest grocery store. However I feel like you pay a premium at this store for some items but it's worth it.

Michael Guinn: 02/13/2017 09:36

Clean looking store but for some reason I felt like the store wasn't fully operational. The front end looked like it was in the process of closing. I know all the product wasn't tampered with but the perception of the store was is was about to close.

Nakia Jones: 02/06/2017 10:26

Easy in and out, shelves stocked, clean, fresh produce, and friendly staff members. Convenient and has great deals...This place is great and store hours are even better. I recommend

Steve Spinella: 02/01/2017 02:44

This is a large, well-stocked grocery competing neck and neck with the King Sooper down Union, the bigger one down Lexington, and the Walmarts down Research (well, really in both directions.) We find it well-stocked, the staff friendly and willing to track down sale items, and the location very convenient in the center of Briargate.

Chad Johnson: 01/31/2017 21:35

If they had self checkout I could rate them 5-star.

April Damper: 12/19/2016 05:36

Wonderful staff except meat dept. They have a "Oh well" attitude. Be careful on the prime rib custom cut a lot of fat. Better quality at Kings.

Tamala Stewart: 07/30/2016 03:38

I love shopping here! Everyone is very friendly and helpful. They recognize you quickly as a regular and always greet you with a smile and cheerful hello. The staff seem happy and stay a long, long time which says a lot about management!

richard pesicka: 06/14/2013 02:50

Best meats. Freshest and great prices.

A Google User: 11/28/2011 09:25

Excellent awesome staff(really helpful and friendly)! compatible/competitive prices and a great environment!

A Google User: 09/22/2011 01:48

I would rather go to king supers because they have more of a selection