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Supermarkets in Stockton, California
1. Los Tito's Market
Address: 2482 E Main St, Stockton
2. 99 Cents Only Stores
Address: 1449 W March Ln, Stockton
3. La Superior Super Mercados
Address: 1536 Waterloo Rd, Stockton
4. Gian's Delicatessen
Address: 2112 Pacific Ave, Stockton
5. Asian Supermarket
Address: 4555 N Pershing Ave #16, Stockton
6. Smart & Final Extra!
Address: 744 W Hammer Ln, Stockton
7. Bullfrog Marina
Address: 17251 Bacon Island Rd, Stockton
8. Big Valley Food
Address: 1832 Monte Diablo Ave, Stockton
9. Lions Supermarket
Address: 7924 N El Dorado St, Stockton
10. Marina Marketplace
Address: 3201 W Benjamin Holt Dr, Stockton
11. City Market
Address: 6709 Plymouth Rd, Stockton
12. Orlando's
Address: 2201 S B St, Stockton
13. Alpine Blue farm
Address: 7490 CA-26, Stockton
14. Rileys Auto Parts
Address: 309 Dr M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Stockton
15. Walmart Supercenter
Address: 10355 Trinity Pkwy, Stockton
16. China Noodle Factory
Address: 308 E Hazelton Ave, Stockton
17. Sun Wong Kee
Address: 333 S Hunter St, Stockton
18. Tony's Market
Address: 947 California St, Stockton
19. Food 4 Less
Address: 3434 S Manthey Rd, Stockton
20. Raley's Hbc Distribution Center
Address: 1919 Boeing Way, Stockton
21. Penas Supermercado
Address: 123 E Jamestown St, Stockton
22. El Dorado Market Inc
Address: 1240 El Dorado St, Stockton
23. Save Mart Supermarkets
Address: 4725 Quail Lakes Dr, Stockton
24. Trader Joe's
Address: 6535 Pacific Ave, Stockton
25. Genova Bakery
Address: 749 N Sierra Nevada St, Stockton
26. Tienda Guatemalteca El Quetzal
Address: 1069 N Wilson Way a, Stockton
27. Smart & Final
Address: 147 N Wilson Way, Stockton
28. Sakura - Japanese groceries and gifts
Address: 4343 Pacific Ave, Stockton
29. Aisle 1
Address: 4219 E Morada Ln, Stockton
30. Paq Inc
Address: 8014 N Lower Sacramento Rd, Stockton
31. Famous Footwear
Address: Park West Place, 10652 Trinity Parkway, Stockton
32. Artegas Food Center
Address: 1900 El Dorado St, Stockton
33. Sahuayo Meat Market
Address: 1020 S Center St, Stockton
34. Curry's Groceries
Address: 2735 Waterloo Rd, Stockton
35. La Superior Mercados
Address: 3310 E Main St, Stockton
36. Safeway
Address: 6445 Pacific Ave, Stockton
37. Yosemite Meat & Deli
Address: 915 N Yosemite St, Stockton
38. Raley's
Address: 4255 E Morada Ln, Stockton
39. Raley's Pharmacy
Address: 4255 E Morada Ln, Stockton
40. Super Save Mart
Address: 39 W Charter Way, Stockton
41. Super Store Industries
Address: 2800 W March Ln # 210, Stockton
42. Food Source
Address: 2323 W Hammer Ln, Stockton
43. Angkor Asian Market
Address: 4753 N Pershing Ave, Stockton
44. La Mexicana Super
Address: 3332 Delaware Ave, Stockton
45. Podesto's
Address: 104 Lincoln Center, Stockton
46. Bayon Market
Address: 8024 N El Dorado St, Stockton
47. New Cambodia Supermarket
Address: 4753 N Pershing Ave, Stockton
48. O'Reilly Auto Parts
Address: 3412 Perlman Dr, Stockton
49. Rancho San Miguel Market
Address: 1409 S Airport Way, Stockton

Best comments in Stockton,CA

  • Los Tito's Market

    Great meat selection and dry aged chorizo.

    2482 E Main St, Stockton
  • Los Tito's Market

    Hardly come to this store I will say the meat was very fresh fair price

    2482 E Main St, Stockton
  • Los Tito's Market

    I really only go to get meat, it's usually cheaper than la tapatia. I also like the costumer service.

    2482 E Main St, Stockton
  • Los Tito's Market

    Clean store, delicious bakery goodies, fresh meats and more. They used to have a wonderful menu but the excellent manager they had left, they don't.

    2482 E Main St, Stockton
  • Los Tito's Market

    Nice little local mercado. The meat department has great bistec, adobado, fajitas, etc., Small produce section and great tortillas. They also sell a larger selection of Mexican magazines with nearly bare butts on the covers...Must be a Mexican thing....

    2482 E Main St, Stockton
  • Safeway

    John, the store manager was very helpful. I purchased a cake from the other Safeway and the cake frosting was sliding down. John spoke to the bakery manager Jose. I was told to bring it in and they would fix it. Which was very convenient for me since...

    2808 Country Club Blvd, Stockton