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Winyu Pinitworakunwong: 04/17/2017 10:21

Big super market , Many food , fresh ,dry and all you want. Cooking , Kitchen .Good sea food here. All food not expensive. But you must to pay for your plastic bags. It's ok , no problem.

Phensy Pane: 04/14/2017 20:34

Very clean, variety of fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. Very reasonable prices and fresh seafood, if you like live frogs, lobsters, crayfishes and oysters.

Fanatic Critic: 04/04/2017 18:42

I could depend on this tour for almost anything Asian. The only issue I have with this store is the customer service. The cashiers never say hi and they are always great to take your money from your hand rather than push your car around for you and back your stuff. But in hindsight of the cashier they are extremely fast and we'll get you in and out of the store because they don't Converse with the customers. The other issue that I have are the shopping carts; almost 80% of the shopping cards are old and rusted. And almost 80% of the time the shopping carts are not push back to the front. Customers will have to go to the parking lot to get their carts. Terrible customer service if you ask me. In conclusion, I don't feel welcome to the store. I don't feel like I can ask anyone for help because 90% of the time the workers or employees don't speak English. What has helped me in the past is if I had a picture to show the employee so they can tell me where they stock the stuff. Overall I continue to come to this door because it is the only agent store that will have what I need.

Monie Gilbert: 03/22/2017 19:37

This place is awesome this store has all international food and very clean. I love duck they have whole duck or raw duck to prepare yourself. So Bon Appetit go eat there and enjoy and plus shop to get the best International Foods

Nga Dinh: 02/07/2017 07:24

I like how they stock the goods. Store is dirty, but I don't mind except for the bathrooms. Good luck trying to use the bathrooms, because there's always a line. Lines always go by quickly even in the longest lines. Also the customers and staff are nice. End this review.