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  • Website:www.raleys.com
  • Address:3518 Marconi Ave, Sacramento
  • Phone:(916) 972-7177
  • Website:www.raleys.com
  • Address:4850 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento
  • Phone:(916) 452-6861
  • Website:www.raleys.com
  • Address:8391 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento
  • Phone:(916) 383-6622
  • Website:www.raleys.com
  • Address:4650 Natomas Blvd, Sacramento
  • Phone:(916) 419-6633

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Rudy Corona: 05/01/2017 11:05

Mom goes there nice clean to expensive and alot of yuppies not good for us poor fock

Keith Sabini: 04/27/2017 05:05

They have a decent local beer selection and for some reason their deli makes really good fried chicken (not as greasy as my mom used to make). The organic selection is also decent and the bulk food choices are not bad.

Rory Humphries: 04/23/2017 05:51

I'm sick and tired of the security guards following me around like a dog! It happens each and every time. Guess what? I've never stolen anything from this store and never will. But on 4/19/17 I almost drew my military grade knife on him right in public simply because of that.

Holly Deen: 04/13/2017 19:52

This raley's is not a stand out in terms of size or selection, but it is clean and the service is good. It is a perfectly good example of a chain grocery store.

Ericka Campbell: 04/11/2017 20:08

I shop here all the time everything's clean and neat a little bit to find though. But I do like that kids under 12 years old get free fruit and a cookie from the deli.

Katherine Boroski: 04/02/2017 22:41

Love the selection and customer service at Raleys. Little pricier than. Some grocery stores, but worth it to me.

Emily Hammon-Hogan: 03/30/2017 03:27

As a lactose free person, I appreciate raleys for their dairy options. Calling ahead to find specialty items, I found that staff friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.

Chelsea Rummler: 03/26/2017 23:11

Staff is super friendly and helpful. Great selection of all kinds of stuff. My favorite things are their big jars of onion and garlic powder in the spice section. They used to make these cheesey jalepenjo rolls at the bakery that I miss.

Carmel Ambrose: 03/07/2017 16:12

Though the prices are higher than I'd like to pay the quality and customer service make up for it. Signing up for Something Extra doesn't hurt either. I have saved allot with the personalized coupons and free items they offer. Also there is a cashier that is so nice and personable which is refreshing to see today. For the life of me I cannot remember his name but he works nights and usually the only cashier.

Allison Marubashi: 02/24/2017 20:41

This my go to store. I love the meat and produce selection always fresh. I can rely that the store will be clean, we'll stocked and not overly crowded.

Dennis Anderson: 02/24/2017 18:02

Its my home grocery store. Never had a bad experience and always find what I need. Helpful staff and they try to open up extra check out lines during a rush and I get out faster.

Solomiya Lyshenyuk Williams: 02/16/2017 00:47

It's a very decent grocery store. Little pricy, but not too bad. Nice staff, pleasant customers (due to prices). Stress free shopping is what you can expect from this place.

Bryn Davie: 02/08/2017 22:26

Clean store. Nice, helpful staff. Lots of dairy free and vegan food options that were fairly easy to find. More fresh fruit options from sellers in the USA than other stores I've been to.

Aruva Roy: 02/08/2017 10:59

The price of food items there is very expensive compared grocery stores like Food Source and Foods Co. Only do grocery shopping there if you can afford it! Otherwise, the Chinese food, the sandwiches, the coffee shop, and the bakery are very good.

Ben Rogers: 01/29/2017 23:56

Wonderful store. Very spacious and modern. Deli staff were very friendly and gave excellent service. Ditto with the coffee. Would go back there!

Nilo D.: 01/19/2017 08:46

Very friendly staff. Everyone in each department is knowledgable and willing to help. If I ask a question and an employee cannot answer they always find someone who can answer that question. Regarding selection. Many healthy organic options and gluten free products. They also provide a few dry rubs and marinates for any meat product bought from them.

Patrick McCune: 12/28/2016 10:43

I shop here regularly and usually don't have a problem. However the produce section has been trending horrible the last 6 weeks or so. I bought a bag of tangerines and 2 of them were moldy. A bag of navel oranges, 1 smashed and moldy. A bag of chopped salad mix that was brown after 2 days. The Florist is a nice eye treat if you use the northern entrance.

Eleonora Gorbenko: 12/12/2016 13:02

This place holds a little grocery lair for students. If you are a Sac state student you get %10 off every item you purchase.. and I think they offer higher discount on veggies. They always have enough produce, sometimes even small local Restaurants make their purchases there. Also- their have a nice verity of flowers and custom bouquets.

Carolyn Blanco: 11/05/2016 17:20

Raleys has all your shopping needs, freindly cashiers, and Petes coffe...love this grocery store.

Sean McKee: 09/23/2016 03:23

Ever since they changed the design the store has gone they of New Coke. I don't shop there anymore, Safeway is the place I go now. It used to be easy to get around now it's a joke. They never have anything that I need. (a little selfish complaining.)