Pothong Market

United StatesCaliforniaSacramento → Pothong Market
  • Address:3540 Norwood Ave, Sacramento
  • Phone:(916) 646-0667

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Rene Monjaras: 04/29/2017 20:48

Great customer service

Kenneth Masancay: 10/20/2016 19:11

Can't make it to the South area for Vietnamese sandwiches. Love the fact I can get some here. Once they hit the shelves, they don't last too long though. Been coming here since 1999.

jennifer sengphinith: 09/11/2016 20:20

Love the store they always have everything im looking for

Kendall F. Person: 08/28/2016 20:16

There are certainly times, when we all have a bad day. When even the slightest discretion leads us to overreact, but there are times when with open eyes, we are seeing what we are seeing and we must admit defeat, If not daily, I do not think I have ever missed a week unless out town. I was a customer before the remodel and returned as soon as they reopened. If ever, I was even a penny short, which was a rare occasion I would always bring the penny right back. knowing the challenges of running a small but thriving business. But on a day when i am celebrating my 50th birthday, and was looking forward to asking if i could write a story about them and their business, it would not come to pass. A problem with my card, fixed with a simple phone call, All was okay. and my purchase ready to be made. But rather she preferred I had never shopped there or it was a cease the moment, became of no substance, because it ended the same way. I have never given reason to be perceived as the money I spend is not my own. My 50th birthday, could not begin this way, so I left but not before saying "I have been coming here for years." and thinking I will never come back. And that's too bad, because their prices are good, location convenient, but all of that pales, if years of goodwill can be impaired by a single moment

Mai Thor: 04/05/2016 08:23

Great place to buy fresh veggies and food. Owner are very nice and will help with things you need but can't find.