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Don Marshall-Omerta: 04/14/2017 15:27

Better Selection then Local Competition in Downtown Sacramento Area. Always Friendly Staff. Ever Changing Reasonable Deals on Numerous Merchandise!!!.

Zoë Verdancii: 02/24/2017 19:38

Smaller store with a slim selection of goods, but the location is amazing. Perfect for a quick shopping trip and is usually cheaper than Safeway.

Anastasia Cimino: 02/15/2017 19:06

I gave it an extra star because this place is so strange that it's actually entertaining to me. Every day they have entire shelves of different products, and it's hilarious how confident the staff is when they're trying to help you find something. For example, I asked a store associate if they had (a) packing tape, (b) almond milk, and (c) granola. After bolting around the store for 10 minutes, we found none of those items, and the associate just said, "Try again tomorrow, we get different stuff every day!" Don't go here if you're looking for something specific. They never have what I'm looking for, but they always have shelves and shelves of kitty litter.

Abbey PSN: 02/05/2017 22:55

The first Grocery Outlet that I went to was in Monterey when I was on a trip with my lovely group of Girl Scouts. Amazed by the prices and an overall decent selection, I decided to find the nearest one to me. Granted this is not it, but it is very convenient to my uni. I like this location because it is simple to locate (right off of L street) and is one of the newer stores in Sacramento. Like earlier reviewers have said, it has a grande selection of every cheese imaginable and if I were thinking at the time, I would have picked at least two to have an awesome and simple dish of macaroni pasta. I must say that they have a good selection of wine and beer! I liked the easy layout of this particular Grocery Outlet, but it is on the small side. I would only come back here again to pick up something for a meal later on in that day or for some of their cheeses. There really isn't much to this store.

Jonno Norton: 11/30/2016 02:36

5 stars for that catchy jingle ;) they have some good deals. I say stick to the packaged food and buy fresh stuff elsewhere but that's just me. This is a great place to stock up on snacks and stuff that has a long shelf life.