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Gregory McKee: 04/09/2017 01:21

Hood, but good prices and good customer service

ROSE BURKE: 03/30/2017 00:15

This store always has great deals and good food as well. While it doesn't always have the same items every week you will always find good values and a variety of items. Don't forget to bring your own bags since most stores charge for bags now. There are a variety of people that frequent the store as customers and they give it the flavor that a smaller country type store will. This is NOT a bad thing. There are a wonderful variety of people and cultures who go there. This is a wonderful thing to take advantage of to enjoy branching out and become a more open person, don't be frightened away by the newness of this. Also, if there is a panhandler just let the store manager and it will be taken care of. No one will harm you, they can just either really be in need or a nuisance. Go-Be friendly- and enjoy the spices of the life in this store. If you don't, you will be missing out.

Scott Davidson: 03/20/2017 10:12

Cashiers are nice,clean inside. Prices are too high on a lot of items. No hot food. Good gas prices though.

Mark Urquhart: 01/26/2017 20:22

This place is so ghetto.... but it's the cheapest (for cash) gas around. prepare to be approached (often several times) by someone with a hard luck story. The pumps are almost always grubby and semi-functional but they work and it's cheap. The shop has classical music playing continuously outside, which is odd but pleasant. Inside is a good selection of automotive, general, booze, tobacco and candy at pretty reasonable prices. I'd make sure you lock your car if you use the shop and steer a course away from any other customers. CHEAP GAS!!

T Holmes: 01/16/2017 03:51

Really good service at that location at last time I was in that location the gas prices for very cheap.