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  • Address:3518 Marconi Ave, Sacramento
  • Phone:(916) 972-7177
  • Address:1301 Florin Rd, Sacramento
  • Phone:(916) 421-6766
  • Address:4320 Arden Way, Sacramento
  • Phone:(916) 972-0555
  • Address:6231 Fruitridge Rd, Sacramento
  • Phone:(916) 739-8647
  • Address:1540 W El Camino Ave, Sacramento
  • Phone:(916) 920-2493
  • Address:3250 Arena Blvd, Sacramento
  • Phone:(916) 419-8844

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josh stevens: 05/01/2017 20:19

The bakery doesnt make the good hoagie rolls very often and for the most part everything is a lot more expensive than big warehouse stores.. Sometimes convenience costs more and truth be told you will never be in line behind a wic cart overflowing with junk food waiting for a few hundo in drug cash back..

JT P: 05/01/2017 19:36

This is in regards to their bakery department:. I called early in the am as I've done before in the past, to order just a small cake for a birthday later on in the day. I was told that I had to pay for the cake first which I've never done in the past and if I'm at wrk how would i be able to leave & pay for the cake now while I'm at wrk. I even asked if I could pay over the phone which they couldn't do. I'm highly disappointed in this as Well as the fact if I would've paid for the cake and it was wrong when I got there how wpuls they handle that?

Aileigh Bullard: 04/15/2017 18:29

Its kind of an old looking store but it has everything you'd look for at a bel air so I guess good, just like shopping in strips of stores that look new and kept up I guess.

Cara Mason: 04/02/2017 00:59

Love this store the staff is friendly & helpful.4 stars for layout /organization..but, I'm sure they do it on purpose. Out of all the raleys bel airs in my neighborhood I find myself spending the most time here. Aggravating.

Adriana Diaz: 03/07/2017 19:11

My favorire place to shop when I need to get in and out quick. Great customer service and store is always clean.

Collin Ong: 03/04/2017 12:48

Good location right off the I-5 freeway at Florin Rd. Great fresh produce and meats along with good combination of affordable products and nicer brand products. Always great service.

Judy Salmon: 03/03/2017 20:38

I come to Bel Air when visiting family in Sacramento. Nice store, good variety of products and services. The friendly staff all greeted my sister by name which is why Bel Air is her favorite place to shop. I would like to see better discounts.

Lacy Franks: 02/24/2017 06:50

This is the oldest Bel Air. Easily my favorite grocery store, I've been going here for years. The produce and meat are always great quality, the deli, coffee and Chinese takeout are nice, and the employees are wonderful. The prices are a little higher than most grocery stores but not like Whole Foods prices. It's worth it.

Aussie Rios: 02/20/2017 21:10

Personally, I think the store's layout is fine. There are a few items in odd places, but the store is almost 60 years old. They have to get creative sometimes. There are things that need to be updated. Bathrooms, floors... Mostly older people shop here, so the old store charm is definitely there, but it's from the 70's (maybe) and unfortunately, not that charming. The most important thing is the customer service. Minus 1 or 2 people, depending on the days you go, everyone is great. They're friendly as long as you're friendly. They're people and have feelings too, so they appreciate it when their customers remember that.

Jason Huffman: 02/13/2017 22:30

My local grocer. Love the people and the location. The loyalty points really come in handy

Lisa Zauner: 02/08/2017 23:35

This grocery store is the closest to my house. I normally go to the save mart on folsom blvd but decided to give this location a try. It is an older grocery store and pretty small. They seem to have a lot of options like deli, sushi,bakery, produce etc. I will still go to my usual store but this place works if I'm in a pinch. The parking lot is tiny and the grocery store feels kinda like a miniature store it's pretty quaint.

Cynthia Matthew: 02/02/2017 04:33

Bel Air has great goods. A great selection of organic meats, wonderful bakery goods, roasted meat, fresh Chinese quisene. Everything I need is always there. There is a good regular customer rewards to increase savings. Seasonal local fresh fruit is available at fair prices when they are plentiful.

Joslyn Field: 01/25/2017 23:25

I love this market they are very welcoming and the store is always clean. The best poppy seed bread in the world comes from this place's bakery in my opinion.

Quintana Galvan: 01/03/2017 15:03

Clean, pricey and friendly just like you'd expect from a Bell Aire. This one is close to bank of America, whole foods and a couple of strip malls so it's very convenient. There is more than just a deli, there's a whole hot food/Chinese food section on the other side of the store. Never seen one of those at any other location. Mostly fully operational post office location as well.

Em Beutler: 12/16/2016 05:32

Always helpful and great service. Smaller store but higher quality food.