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Supermarkets in Monterey, California
1. Troia's Market
Address: 350 Pacific St, Monterey
Work: 08:00-21:00
2. Bay Mart
Address: 398 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey
3. Monte Vista Market
Address: 15 Soledad Dr, Monterey
Work: 08:00-20:00
4. Cannery Row General Store
Address: 685 Cannery Row #101, Monterey
5. The Wharf Marketplace
Address: 290 Figueroa St, Monterey
Work: 07:00-19:00
6. Compagno's Market & Deli
Address: 2000 Prescott Ave, Monterey
Work: 09:00-16:00
7. Jerkyville USA
Address: 700 Cannery Row Q, Monterey
Work: 11:00-19:00
8. Nob Hill Foods
Address: 900 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey
Work: 06:00-23:00
Address: 250 Casa Verde Way, Monterey
10. Valnizza's Deli & Market
Address: 401 Ocean Ave, Monterey
Work: 08:00-20:00
11. Sunsation Farms Inc.
Address: 574 Cortes St, Monterey
12. Whole Foods Market
Address: 800 Del Monte Center, Monterey
Work: 08:00-21:00
13. Daney's Mini Mart
Address: 701 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey
Work: 07:00-22:00
14. Trader Joe's
Address: 570 Munras Ave #20, Monterey
Work: 08:00-21:00
15. International Market & Deli
Address: 580 Lighthouse Ave, Monterey
Work: 10:00-19:00
16. Monterey Produce Market
Address: 2333 Fremont St, Monterey

Best comments in Monterey,CA

  • The Wharf Marketplace

    As a person that lives and works in this area please do not go there! Food is mediocre for a lot of money. You will leave hungry and broke. Every time I give them the chance they either mess up my order or charge me some ridiculous price like $5 doll...

    290 Figueroa St, Monterey
  • The Wharf Marketplace

    This place is a gem with great salads, pastries, vegetables, coffee and wine. Happy hour is great, $6 glass of red or white house wine. Their patio is enjoyable and there is plenty of comfortable seating outside for a Crowd of 20+ people. I stop by e...

    290 Figueroa St, Monterey
  • The Wharf Marketplace

    A cute market place and a sandwich shop with a salad bar and a wine bar. Very cozy. Great produce at great prices. Gourmet things and offerings are on a pricier side.

    290 Figueroa St, Monterey
  • The Wharf Marketplace

    Very nice place to grab a quick bite or drinks! Coffee was perfect and presentation was even better. Lovely place with fresh produce, wines, liquors, cheeses, and deli-type food. I highly recommend getting your favorite coffee or tea before heading d...

    290 Figueroa St, Monterey
  • The Wharf Marketplace

    Definitely stop by this place for a snack! A cute little humble shop with reasonable prices and a HUGE selection of products. They have fresh foods cooked in store and store-juiced lemonade, which I bought for around $2.50. I also bought dried blood ...

    290 Figueroa St, Monterey
  • Compagno's Market & Deli

    Large sandwiches! Just make sure that you can eat a lot or be prepared to be stuffed even from ordering half a sandwich. The owner's humor is very.... dry to say the least. Not that I am hating it but I am guessing that the military customers have a ...

    2000 Prescott Ave, Monterey