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Supermarkets in Mendota, California
1. Elcharro Food Mart
Address: 467 Oller St, Mendota
2. Sonora Mini Mart
Address: 1883 7th St, Mendota
3. Garcia's Market
Address: 927 Derrick Ave, Mendota
4. Fastrip Food Store
Address: 867 Oller St, Mendota

Best comments in Mendota,CA

  • Elcharro Food Mart

    Very nice guy

    467 Oller St, Mendota
  • Sonora Mini Mart


    1883 7th St, Mendota
  • Sonora Mini Mart

    My dad whent there and they puted more tax and they don't pay attention

    1883 7th St, Mendota
  • Garcia's Market

    Good place but its pretty dirty and the cashiers are always chattering

    927 Derrick Ave, Mendota
  • Fastrip Food Store

    Love the slushies

    867 Oller St, Mendota