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  • Address:19821 Rinaldi St, Porter Ranch
  • Phone:(818) 832-0784

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National Vision Center: 08/26/2015 03:08

Store Hours Mon-Fri 9-8 Sat 9-6 Sun 11-4

Savyshoppergal A: 07/19/2015 21:00

The hours posted online are incorrect.

Michael Vila: 02/28/2013 21:07

The Vision Center at the Porter Ranch Walmart is not very good...starting with the MANAGER of the Vision Center. To begin with, I received in the mail a $50.00 discount coupon off a complete set of glasses. I needed to replace my reading glasses so I drove over to pick up another pair of glasses I had ordered and while there, I told the manager I wanted to purchase another pair of reading glasses using the coupon and without even looking at the coupon he informs me that the coupon is only good for frames $99.00 or more. I told him there was nothing on the coupon that stated this and showed it to him. He told me then that the coupon was only good on certain frames but not all frames(?!) I realized at this moment that this guy does NOT have my customer satisfaction as a priority. So I picked out a set of frames for $29.00, the lenses were $30.00 and I end up paying $9.00 and they'll call me when they are ready. That was good. When given my other glasses, he says "can you see through them?" And I said yes but he doesn't even bother to ask if they need an adjustment for a proper fit. So, I go home and discover that the new frames keep slipping down my face and one side is slightly higher than the other and so instead of driving 17 miles back to Porter Ranch, I'll wait until next week when i go to pick up my readers. Next week comes and I get a message that my readers are ready. I drive over and there's my friend (the Manager) all by himself in the store. I tell him my name and he goes to the cabinet and pulls the prescription trays out and places it in front of me when another customer walks in and he says try them on and he starts helping the new customer. Well, I put these glasses on and the room started to spin...out of control! Clearly the prescription was WRONG! I told him this and without even looking he says that this is the prescription on file. Upon further examination of the prescription paperwork in the tray, I discovered this was SOMEONE ELSE'S prescription!! He's alone in the store, no other customers and he gives me the WRONG GLASSES! Ooops! NO apology, just "Oh". So he gives me MY prescription which turns out to be alright and then I ask him to adjust the glasses I picked up the week before. He asks what's wrong and I told him they keep slipping down my nose. He takes them into the back room and a few minutes later returns and they certainly fit more snug. I also asked him about one side being lower than the other and he tells me that one of my eyebrows is higher than the other! OK! Well, the frames were now so snug they started giving me headaches. So I couldn't wear them for very long. I waited for an opportunity to go back again and this time he wasn't there and I told the clerk at the counter what was happening and she asked where it was giving me the most pain. I showed her and she took them into the back room to adjust the temples which she did and she tells me that they'll fit better in 24 hours. I thanked her and left. A few days later, I was shopping at Target and on a whim, I stopped in the vision center and asked the clerk to look at my frames on my face and if one side was higher than the other and he said YES! He examined them and he told me that he would adjust them for me however since I did not purchase them at Target, he would not guarantee if something happened when he adjusted them. I told him fine. He took them back and a few minutes later he returned and gave them to me and they fit great and looked great on my face. He told me that the frames were slightly warped and he was able to straighten them out. A person's eyes are precious and part one one's general health. So, a long story about really poor customer service. Needless to say, I will NOT be returning to the Walmart vision center in Porter Ranch ever again. You've been warned folks!

A Google User: 02/18/2009 22:55

I had never purchased glasses from Walmart before and I will never go back. I got two pairs of glasses and, while the price was reasonable, the quality was dismal. One pair was flimsier than anything I had ever previously purchased. I had always bought glasses at For Eyes, but since they had left the valley decided to try Walmart. Although the costs were similar, the difference in quality was immense.