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  • Address:15421 Roscoe Blvd, North Hills
  • Phone:(818) 895-3800
  • Opening Hours Today: 07:00-21:00
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Stephen Schmall: 03/30/2017 07:11

This review is for Andrew Aul, we all know Galpin is a great place in terms of qualify selection and speciality vehicles. But still we fear the dreaded sales person, Andrew was enthusiastic professional and genuine. I'm a car guy and have come across the worst sales people ever, but Andrew was outstanding. So if you are looking for a car and it's at Galpin and you want a good sales person that really will help you definitely go with him! My wife and I have been Raptor hunting and at one dealership the other guy was so unknowledgeable he said the Raptor was still a V8 and had a 6.2 and treated me like I was an idiot when I told him it was a twin turbo V6. Then there's this other guy who got my name phone number and email address said he would call me the next day and he never followed up with me. Andrew not only knows cars he's very passionate about them as well. It makes it easy when making a major purchase instead of you the customer having to educate the sales people on how the car works. So go with him if you actually want to BUY and not have somebody try to be pushy and SELL you a car.

Marcela Pallete: 02/01/2017 23:41

Steve Rodgers is the best. I leased my second car through him last night and I could not be happier. He makes sure that you are taken care of and goes above and beyond to guarantee the best deal he can get. He is seriously the nicest and most caring salesman I have ever worked with. I will be buying every car from him. I highly recommend him and the Galpin team.

Steven Herrera: 01/20/2017 08:56

Unconscionable behavior. I would never treat a customer that way. I leased a 2016 Volkswagen Golf from Galpin in February 2016 with Jeimy Medrano as my sales person. I found the vehicle at another dealership and went out of my way to give the sale to Galpin, thinking that the price would be the same. Then Galpin charged me a much higher price, saying that they had to trade a more expensive car. It is very dishonest to make a claim like that. Dealerships trade vehicles with each other as a common practice, and that would have no impact on the end customer. The day I picked up the vehicle from Galpin was Saturday, February 13. I was only given one remote with switchblade ignition key. I should have received two remotes with switchblade ignition keys and one valet key. Therefore, I needed one remote with switchblade ignition key and one valet key. The sales person said the man who creates the keys was not there that day, and that Galpin would send me the additional keys in the mail. I never received the additional keys. Not long after that, I spoke with the sales manager, Ray Fini, on the telephone. He said he would FEDEX the additional keys. He was about to go on vacation at the time, and I never received anything. I called the dealership a few more times after that. One of these telephone calls included a voicemail that I left for Jeimy after she had telephoned me asking about my vehicle ownership experience. I indicated that I had not received the additional keys, but I never heard back from her. After that, I called the dealership a couple more times and explained the situation to other sales representatives. They said they would take care of it, but I never received anything. Almost a year after starting the lease, I emailed Ray Fini indicating that I needed the additional keys, and that I would stop by the next day. When I arrived, Ray Fini stated that he had the keys for me. I explained that I had to spend my time and money to resolve this issue, and I asked for a complimentary one-year service. Ray agreed and introduced me to the service department. Once the service was finished, I was given the original remote and the second remote, but no valet key. I had to go back to the Sales Department to inquire about the missing valet key. I was told that the Sales Manager was not available, and I had to wait a long time for the staff to investigate the issue. They said that they did not think the Golf included a valet key, but there was uncertainty. I could not believe this, and was told I would have to wait an hour for the Sales Manager. I had to call Volkswagen Customer Care and wait on the line for nearly an hour to get confirmation of the facts. After reviewing the matter with Product Specialists, the Customer Care Advocate informed me that Golfs produced after 2013 do not include a valet key. Because of the fact that Galpin did not follow through, a big inconvenience was created for me. My time is valuable, and I do not appreciate having to work with such unscrupulous employees. Galpin gave me the runaround and caused me to waste my time and money. I should not have had to go through such an ordeal to get the second remote. It is something that was supposed to be provided with the vehicle at the beginning. This is unconscionable behavior. I would never treat a customer that way. Galpin performed the complimentary oil change and inspection, but only after I asked for it. There were no concessions offered to make amends. It was as if everything that had happened was perfectly acceptable. My next vehicle will not be purchased from Galpin Volkswagen.

Coleen McMahon: 01/19/2017 22:24

Steve Rodgers just got me into a new lease two months ago and it was the most seamless experience! He is one of the nicest most genuine people I've ever met in my life! He truly cares about your wants and needs. Definitely not your typical car salesman. He's a top notch product specialist and knew the answers to every question I had. He made me feel like a friend; someone I can really trust! I recommend Steve to everyone I know. In addition, he loves animals and works a lot with the local rescue shelters! What an awesome guy. Seriously, Thanks so much for everything Steve!! You're such a great guy!!!

diana dultz: 12/13/2016 02:57

I am so happy with my car purchase from Galpin Premier collection, and the awesome salesman, Steve Rodgers! My husband and I had no vehicle when our truck stopped working. After perusing other dealerships and all their rude sales people, we went to Galpin ford. We met Steve Rodgers at Galpin premier. Steve was so welcoming and positive. He heard us when we explained our difficult financial situation; he promiised we would have a new car that day! I appreciated Steve and his patience with us. We were concerned about our financial responsibility. Steve worked out all the details. He came through for us like a real hero. He was always showing us each calculation along the way and helping us understand and be confident in the purchase. We drove away in a VW JETTA!