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  • Address:1717 S Western Ave, Los Angeles
  • Phone:(323) 731-0164
  • Address:1820 W Slauson Ave, Los Angeles
  • Phone:(323) 293-1369
  • Address:8035 Webb Ave, North Hollywood
  • Phone:(818) 252-4855
  • Address:336 W Anaheim St, Wilmington
  • Phone:(310) 847-7488
  • Address:4910 Huntington Dr S, Los Angeles
  • Phone:(323) 222-2659
  • Address:18318 Vanowen St, Reseda
  • Phone:(818) 343-3492
  • Address:20155 Saticoy St, Winnetka
  • Phone:(818) 998-8074
  • Address:16530 Sherman Way, Van Nuys
  • Phone:(818) 997-0170
  • Address:12689 Glenoaks Blvd, Sylmar
  • Phone:(818) 362-3309
  • Address:5420 West Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles
  • Phone:(323) 871-8011
  • Address:2750 E 1st St, Los Angeles
  • Phone:(323) 268-0461
  • Address:1700 W 6th St, Los Angeles
  • Phone:(213) 353-0920
  • Address:5100 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles
  • Phone:(323) 982-0304

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Letty Godinez: 05/03/2017 22:47

I like it because you can fine a lot of good offers and if you buy they're brand even Better prices... the only thing I don't like is The parking very difficult to fine...

Hazbelt Benito: 05/01/2017 01:43

There was flies on the machine that weighs the meat they were there and the employees did not notice! I would come again but I would go to El super just to be safe...

Samuel Garcia: 04/29/2017 04:46

Their lines move really quickly or at least they have every time I've gone...Be prepared to pay for your grocery bags unless you have your own. The produce selection is lacking. I'll try to take a picture next time but it seems like their fruits and vegetables are rotten or about to rot. It's not unusual to see people stealing food, opening food, eating it then discarding of the trash on food shelves - kinda like at Walmart. There are many solicitors hanging at or around the entrance/exit.

Scott Wengel: 04/28/2017 20:40

good for bulk items and beer deals. fruit and veggies aren't in very good condition here.

Shannon Bowerman: 04/22/2017 06:13

Love this store and the deals they have. They have a great selection and they sell some items in bulk. And the staff is pretty decent as well.

S&g P: 04/15/2017 08:34

Cashiers are all nice and friendly! Great clean store , love when the have the buy 5 save 5 sale

SleepingFox Playz: 04/09/2017 08:35

Good food4less store, its on the medium side so you might not find everything your looking for but it does have good deals and friendly employees.

HairFreek Barbers: 03/21/2017 14:57

Produce is the lowest quality you can find. The meat counter is a war zone of miniature women. Good luck with that! The meat is hit and miss. Sometimes it's good and other times it's full of bones and nerves. They should have traffic monitors in the parking lot. People should not be allowed to walk through the parking lot unless they have a car. I'm not sure what they're on, but people around there constantly walk behind reversing vehicles. There's a steady stream of pedestrians blocking exits. And everybody around there is short! Don't back up in your SUV! You will hit someone.

KAREN ALVARADO: 03/16/2017 22:42

Worst customer service! Cashiers have no idea what their coupon policy is!!

John Shin: 03/16/2017 08:44

it was worst store in my life. very dirty. big crowds. not responsible staff. I hate that visit. there is no managers can help you. awfully

Juan Perez: 03/09/2017 01:42

I came to the estore #332 and a lady help me to find what i looking for she isvery nice with me her name is Raquel. Thanks

Kimberlyn Cleveland: 02/27/2017 14:57

I'm there every week for my job. The store is always clean. The cashier's are friendly, helpful & always willing to open their register for my team & I. They always make sure we have a carry out. Otis is the best. He may have just got off work, but, he will hang around until we are done shopping & help bag our groceries & load them on our company van.

Pkr eos: 02/27/2017 00:31

This place is a mess. I know they have an different target market than Whole Food or others, but there is no excuse for the lack of cleanness and order. Price is not that good either, my neighborhood market has better fruits and vegetables price. Consider yourself lucky if you've got less that 5 people inferring of you at the register. Oh, by the way, parking is small and messy.

liz lo: 02/26/2017 09:20

I've been coming here for years since I was fairly young and I still enjoy the always stocked groceries shelves

Mac Dabby: 02/18/2017 21:19


Freddy S: 02/10/2017 05:04

Unless you have patience I would not come here on weekends or practically every night, the lines usually long, short staffed or I don't know what really goes on. Management used to be better but even that has gotten worse. Parking on weekends forget it, it's small and it shares the parking with a Rite-Aid, really bad to find a spot. Gave it two stars cause unlike Vons and Ralphs it's still a bit more affordable.

HC Jensen: 02/10/2017 01:57

Great prices, good selection and very convenient location. They've recently updated the produce section and it looks really good. The employees are always nice!

Luis Evolved: 02/07/2017 20:05

Really nice and neat Food 4 Less. Everything is is usually neat and organized. Items are usually in stock as well. The customer service is great as they have friendly employees working here.

Sara: 02/06/2017 21:35

It's clean and a big supermarket that you can basically get the necessary essentials for your home. Plus the other customers and staff are nice. Big parking lot too.

Joey Hernandez: 02/02/2017 12:23

Great place to shop. Quite a variety of foods and food related items. Store is maintained well and quite tidy. My only downsize is the limited parking space.

JULIA ARIAS: 02/01/2017 08:53

Great produce, always freash! Great local grocery store to pick up a quick snack.

giovanni mazariego: 01/27/2017 23:01

Recently they did a renovation of the interior and I must say it looks great! The vegetables, fruits and meat look fresh. Great improvement

Henry Thomas: 01/26/2017 00:42

The prices are competitive. And easy shopping. Convenient location. It's a one stop shopping area.

m. v.: 01/24/2017 04:58

I've been shopping at food for less for many years,and is always good, clean and friendly customer service specially the one in Wilmington.

Laura Morales: 01/23/2017 19:55

Nice worker's. Never mind helping you find anything even if its right infront of you.

Anthony Aguilar: 01/20/2017 03:26

This store has a good selection and good prices. But was appalled when I seen how the employees at the meat counter treated my stepfather because he is white. Unprofessional and should not be allowed to happen.

Darren Ashley: 01/17/2017 19:00

Need a better variety... parking is bad

Bernie Sirelson: 01/17/2017 13:13

Decent produce, so if you shop carefully, you can stay healthy. But Wow! What a selection of obesity and diabetes - friendly foods for not much money. Way to scam the poor!

Danielle Gaskins: 01/04/2017 01:29

They need to have more cashiers. There are never enough. There is never less than a 10 minute wait whenever i go..usually at night. Store is not that clean, produce is alright. They could have more variety but thats just Food 4 Less, just the basics. I did find Kumbucha there which was a shock so they get big points for that.

Prayer Warrior: 01/02/2017 01:03

I save a lot of my budgeted grocery money whenever I shop here. The Cashiers are very friendly, courteous, and unassuming. Right outside their sliding entrance doors, they offer water refilling kiosk for $1.30 for 5 gallons. Tons of parking spaces. It also offers underground parking. Wheelchair-accessible ramps at the entrance. Aisles are wide. Sufficient number of open checkout counters. Offer sanitary wipes at the entrance, and paper towels at aisle corners. Constantly cleaning floors. Managers are accommodating, too.

Genari S. Silva: 12/25/2016 19:12

I usually shop at Smart & Final or Costco, but I came to shop at food for less because I received a gift card so I went shopping. I have to say I was pretty disappointed because I like to buy bigger items or different brands and this market does NOT cut it for things like this. Oh well, won't be going there very much needless to say.

Lisa Garcia: 11/25/2016 00:40

Best cashiers very nice and friendly always willing to help.

Jill V: 11/19/2016 19:37

The produce section is awesome.....second only to their meat counter. I have shopped here for the better part of a decade. The customer service & quality of items offered have proven to be consistent.

Rob Dahm: 11/15/2016 00:23

I like this Food4Less, but later at night it does give an odd vibe, being located next to an abandoned community college. Prices are good, if not the same as Ralph's up the street. Produce selection is good. Parking is readily available.

Carissa Abbot: 11/10/2016 05:23

Having to go late night grocery shopping here has always been stress free. Yes lines get a little long but cashiers are always so nice. Makes the wait easier.

Stephanie Cisneros: 11/07/2016 03:01

For the area this store is located in I give them props.. this store is very clean..! Every single cashier is friendly I come here almost everyday after work lol. And every cashier is very helpful and friendly. .! Great job guys! THANK YOU

Romy Lima-Reyes: 11/01/2016 21:03

Always crowded and very few registers open at a time. The deals are good though so you trade time for discounts.

George Anton: 10/29/2016 23:07

Stopped by this morning at 10:30 am. Saw it was brand new. They gave me some samples and I was sold on the texture and taste. The tuna was secure perfectly so it melts in the mouth. Try the island spicy.

Jan: 10/12/2016 03:49

Not bad, not good. Staff was friendly. Produce seemed fresh.

Jordan Slezak: 07/21/2016 03:37

Lots of great deals/sales on fresh fruits and veggies. Check out lines are a bit of a challenge mostly because you must bag your own items. Parking lot is a bit scary, if you don't like to talk to complete strangers. Some try to sell you stuff while others want to ask you for spare change.