City Market

United StatesCaliforniaLos Angeles → City Market
  • Address:5107 W North Venice Blvd, Los Angeles
  • Phone:(323) 938-3256
  • Address:21400 Nordhoff St, Chatsworth
  • Phone:(818) 341-8944
  • Opening Hours Today: 07:00-23:00
  • Monday: 07:00-23:00
  • Tuesday: 07:00-23:00
  • Wednesday: 07:00-23:00
  • Thursday: 07:00-23:00
  • Friday: 07:00-23:00
  • Saturday: 07:00-23:00
  • Sunday: close
  • Address:20903 Roscoe Blvd, Canoga Park
  • Phone:(818) 341-7623
  • Address:11222 Vanowen St, North Hollywood
  • Phone:(818) 753-1122

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Wannis Arzromalian: 03/06/2017 19:36

Nice and clean place to shop. Great for families with children.

ana madriz: 02/12/2017 02:41

i hate this place!

Michael Rice: 08/04/2016 07:37

Just visited this lovely place for the first time since moving into the area. The cashier was very friendly and greeted me when I entered. This little market packs a whole lot of stuff into a little space without coming across as too crowded. While ringing up the cashier mentioned that he has not seen me before. This lets me know that he knows his customers very well. We talked a bit and I thanked him. You can be guaranteed that this will my local stomping grounds when I need something in a hurry. How refreshing to find that decent people still exist. :-)

Sergio Garcia: 05/26/2016 07:52

I love this little market because they have a little of everything. I have found some electronic equipment that I was getting ready to buy at Best Buy. But I saw it here and till this day it is working just fine and for a whole lot of a difference on my pockets. Please if you around and need something stop by before heading to a radio shack or major retail store.