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  • Address:8400 Rosedale Hwy, Bakersfield
  • Phone:(661) 588-2097
  • Address:5075 Gosford Rd, Bakersfield
  • Phone:(661) 282-3099
  • Address:2601 Fashion Plaza, Bakersfield
  • Phone:(661) 873-7120
  • Address:6225 Colony Street, Bakersfield
  • Phone:(661) 398-7297

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Jarrett Newhouse: 05/04/2017 17:41

It's Wal-Mart. From the messy store to the unhelpful staff, and being held up at the door to check my receipt (the dumbest policy in the retail service market). I just despise this place.

kalialylo: 05/03/2017 22:57

This is a really big Walmart. Has everything you need. I like going in the mornings to avoid the crowds. If you go at 11 or the afternoons, the lines are incredibly long. They just put in some new self check out machines, so if you are doing self check out, the lines for that are shorter. But if you are waiting for a cashier the lines can get pretty long.

Laura Chainey: 05/01/2017 18:21

Who doesn't love Walmart?! This is a clean, organized store, good prices, and by in large a polite, helpful and cheerful staff.

Robert Mulholland: 04/18/2017 23:11

It's Walmart. Cheap merchandise made poorly. Love it.

Dat Le: 04/13/2017 01:18

Associates are great and very helpful. Atmosphere is wonderful. Store is nice, clean, and tidy.

Wendel Tse: 04/10/2017 11:44

Less cluttered, better organized than Super Center on Gosford. Shelves actually have products, and they match the shelf labels.

Keith Stewart: 04/05/2017 06:49

This walmart has oarnge life savers in medium size bags unlike east hills mall that never has $4ish sized bag available...

Randall Williams: 03/29/2017 10:03

Real easy to find stuff while traveling through town. All my interactions with staff were pleasant. You Rock Bakersfield!

Difficult Reaper: 03/28/2017 08:18

Because Gerard is awesome!!! He is super helpful and kind. You will know him because he is never afraid to be himself. Plus super bad ass boots and his attire is completely dress code appropriate.

Bea Olmos: 03/20/2017 19:59

I like this Walmart, I go every week, usually in the middle of the week and never on the weekend. Smaller selection but well stocked, and great customer service. Lots of close parking, smaller lines than the other Walmarts, and employees are friendlier. CLEANER and better maintained than others, everything is kept well stocked and fresh. Clearance is great after mayor holidays (after Christmas/Halloween clearance, inventory clearance, etc). Some benign pandhandling on west side parking entrances.

Jonathan Layman: 03/16/2017 01:59

This walmart is located on the east side north of the ghetto so walmart doesn't carry as much stuff as on the west side of town. Not enough cashiers for the volume of customers. Great customer service though. They also need to stock at night because every time I go in I'm almost run over by an employee with a pallet jack

Travis Heinze: 03/12/2017 19:14

Seems like good overnight parking. Fox runs around the lot at night. Music is too loud. Clean. Nothing against the store yet.

Travis Heinze: 03/11/2017 19:22

Seems to allow overnight RV parking. Good wifi, through McDonalds. I didn't see the Pickup center.

Tiffany Perez: 03/08/2017 02:03

Its a typical Walmart. You get what you pay for. I wish they had more selection, I usually have to drive to the Rosedale one to get what we need because this one doesn't carry all that the others do. I also wish they would get the self check out, much more convenient when you are in a rush.

Nick edwards: 02/25/2017 22:42

Everytime I visit this location it's always super crowded with some of the rudest people I've ever come across. The store does have a large well lit parking lot which is nice when it's busy because you'll always find a spot and even nicer at night because it's so well lit. Inside the store is somewhat taken care of but could be kept up more often. Good luck finding a checkstand that has less than 10 people in line because there is never more than 4 checkstands open at a time.

Joshua Bosarge: 02/24/2017 23:58

Called looking for snow chains. The operator transferred me to automotive who didn't answer after about 3 minutes of ringing. I heard somebody pick up but not sayin anything, then back to ringing. Hung up, called again, explained to the operator that they weren't picking up over there. She said ok let me transfer you over there again.. Then transferred me before. Guess what, automotive still didn't answer. This is why walmart is having a hard time competing with Amazon.

Brittany Stolting: 01/20/2017 06:31

Today I spent an hour on the phone just trying to get one person to find a UPC for teapot for me. The first time I was yelled at because she couldn't hear me say Home Department please, the second time I was transferred to the toy section then hung up on the third time I was transferred to toys again and then put on hold the fourth time keep in mind I'm on hold for at least 10 minutes each time, the person that was actually answering the phone decided maybe I have to work and help this lady so she went to look she found the department manager who refused to get on the phone to speak with me not that I demand it just the simple fact it's like hey I really need some help. So the girl that decides she's actually going to help me comes back on the phone to report there's nothing she can do for me yet again that the department manager does not have the the merchandise. It says online that they carry it and they in fact have this item in stock so they used the middleman to blow me off again because the department manager is just too busy to actually do the job. What a wonderful experience I'm thoroughly pissed off!! Oh the best part I'm actually calling them from the Walmart fashion plaza store because I already got blown off by them and they refused to help me so you can't get help face-to-face you can't get help at the service desk and you can't get help on the phone! I don't think I'm going to be shopping at Walmart anymore what do you think!!!?? So update not that I'm not mad enough at this store or anything. My husband went to the store because I still have a defective tea pot I need a UPC for and literally found it in 1 minute!!! They even have 5 of them on the shelf!!!!! Worthless staff so yes confirmation that no one bothered even looking yesterday. I had no car to drive there myself and look. So sad that this is how lazy and worthless the staff is.

JH Tidwell: 12/03/2016 07:33

Staff are unfriendly. They usually have what you need, but getting help finding might be an issue. Produce prices are too high and it section needs work.

Jay Jay Pergis: 11/28/2016 01:11

I ordered an item for the Black Friday sale online. When I purchased my item the website said it was in stock and available for same-day pickup, I went ahead and ordered the item that I wanted and chose the same day pickup option because the website stated there was only 4 left available. After I got my confirmation there was a message saying I would be notified when my item is ready for pickup. After waiting for a few hours to be notified for my item I decided to call the store and find out when it would be ready. The person that I spoke to on the phone said there was a lot of orders ready to be picked up and that I should just go and check if mine was done. When I went to the store the girl behind the counter at the pickup spot told me the computers have been down and I would have to wait till the next day for my order to process, so that if I can come back tomorrow. The next day I called in the early afternoon to find out if my order was ready, the person that answered said he would transfer me to the pickup Department but nobody ever answered. When I looked online to see if my order has processed it said it had been cancelled. When I called to find out why my order has been cancelled they said because it was out of stock, after I told them that when I ordered my item it was in stock they said they were sorry. So basically I did not get my item because whoever was supposed to move my item from the shelves because it had been purchased didn't do their job, and now I am out of my deal. So basically ordering and purchasing your items online is pointless and a joke because even if you purchase your item while it is in stock it still doesn't mean the person buying the item will get it.

Humorless Puma: 09/25/2016 08:23

Wow!!! So lazy!! I bought a water dispenser ($150!!) What was on the box wasn't what was even in the box! The thing in the box was 100% cheap! Whoever bought this before me took out the original item and put a their old water dispenser in the box! The person who did the return didn't even check the box!!! They better give me my money back!.. Aka the item in the box even had a different name brand on the stupid thing.